Prestige Sports XM-Pro II Elite Review (2019 Model)

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Prestige Sports XM-Pro II Elite Review

If you want to help improve your health, your lifespan, and even your looks, a treadmill at home could be one of the best buys you ever make.

Ultimately, a treadmill at home is cheaper than monthly gym subscriptions, and you can exercise whenever you like, come rain or shine. 

If you can buy a treadmill like this for close to £200, you will get your money back within a year.

Highlighted Features

Key features of the Prestige Sports XM-Pro II Elite treadmill are as follows:

  • Assembled dimensions are 125 cm (L) by 48.5 cm (W) by 120 cm (H)
  • Folded dimensions of 127 cm height x 62 cm width x 65 cm depth
  • Running surface dimensions of 1100 x 360 mm
  • The weight of this treadmill is 27 kg with a shipping weight of 30 kg
  • Maximum 10 km/h speed, and a reasonable 1.0 CHP motor
  •  Bluetooth, large LCD display and One manual/ 12 auto programs
  •  3 level manual incline up to 10%
  • This treadmill is suitable for users weighing up to 100 kg
  • Also Includes Fruit Infusion Water Bottle and three health and fitness eBooks

The 2019 latest design of Prestige Sports XM-Pro II offers 12 workout programs which enable you to monitor calories used, time, distance and speed. These programs can be alternated between low and high intensity to boost the capacity of your body and increase the rate of calories burned. Its large LED display enables you to monitor readings clearly. Along with a large LED display, you will find one bottle holder that will increase your convenience.

Excellent Grip with a Wide Room

The XM-Pro II is designed with an improved rubber surface technology along the wide running surface. The soft rubber reduces “bounce” when in use and provides a better grip for maximum comfort. This surface is designed to absorb impact shock and be kinder on your joints.

Fixed Incline to Burn Maximum Calories

The Prestige Sports XM-Pro treadmill is designed with a 3 level manually adjusted incline.Running with an incline has numerous benefits – it helps you tone your body and burn more calories while reducing the impact on your joints.

It will help you to increase the benefits of your workout and achieve better results, faster. That’s because, more resistance plays a vital role in making you a fitter, stronger runner. However, if you want the option of a flat surface for some workouts this treadmill is not for you. 

Xm-Pro II Elite Treadmill Incline

Eco-Friendly and Quiet

The XM-Pro II running machine is reasonably quiet. With its virtually silent operation, it is easy for you to enjoy your favourite music or TV program while you work out. What’s more, you can set it up almost anywhere in your home, because of its folding design. It offers a nice blend of style, performance, and quality.

Great Machine for Beginners

Newcomers will feel confident and secure on this running machine to start their very first run. Also, the assembly of this machine is quite easy and enables you to save your space.

The onboard computer offers automatic programs, so you can easily control its performance with the controls placed conveniently on the handrail. The music system has an integrated mp3 player with a handy iPod/phone dock.

Folds Flat

The Prestige Sports XM-Pro II Elite treadmill folds flat against its handlebars, and it is lightweight enough to manoeuvre easily. You can store this treadmill in a garage or shed, where you can hang it securely on the wall.

XM-Pro II Elite Treadmill Folded

Lifetime Warranty on the Electric Motor

The motor of the XM-Pro II Elite comes with a 2 year warranty. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about motor failure. Other parts and even the frame of the treadmill also have a two-year warranty. Should any of these parts become faulty within the two-year period, an engineer will repair the treadmill, replacing any parts if necessary. 

A solid warranty like this offers complete peace of mind for the user. 

Program Options

The XM-Pro II Elite running machine comes with 12 exercise programs. These programs are designed by qualified fitness professionals to reduce weight, tone your legs, get fit, tone calves and buttocks, and even train you for a race.

You can also experience the advantage of both automatic workout programs and manual programs. With the help of the manual program, you can set your speed to suit your specific needs, instead of the automatic functions which change your duration and speed.

Healthy Lifestyle

A maintenance guide comes with the treadmill, to take care of it and increase its performance. However, it is not just the machine that needs special care and maintenance. If you are purchasing this treadmill to lose weight, you should also change your eating habits to include healthy meals in your diet. 

Therefore, to help you along, you will also receive a free book which offers many hints and tips on what you should eat in order to increase energy levels for your exercise and get that body you desire.

Safety Key

One particular safety feature is available with the XM-Pro II treadmill – a safety cord with a magnet at one end and clip at its other end. The magnet is attached to the digital display, and the clip attached to your clothes. Then, if you trip or fall the safety key pulls out and will immediately stop the treadmill, significantly reducing the chances of injury.


Ultimately, the Prestige Sports XM-Pro II Elite treadmill offers excellent value for the price with a great foldaway design and excellent warranty.

If you are looking for a lightweight and portable running machine, the Prestige XM-Pro II Elite is a great choice. It’s designed with a powerful motor, fixed incline, 10 km/h speed, and 12 convenient auto programs for that perfect workout.

This treadmill is ideal for most home users, If you are very heavy or very tall however you may want to look elsewhere (the XM-Pro III treadmill for example), but otherwise it is a solid mid-range choice to help you achieve your weight loss goals, and increase your body’s strength at the same time.

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