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Updated March 2023: The Reebok ZR8 has been unavailable for a while. I don’t want to waste your time here. We’d turn your attention to the Reebot Jet 100 Series instead. It is the highest rated treadmill with 7 – 10 days lead time at present.

If you’re anything like me, you often don’t have time to visit the gym regularly, but you really want an easy and cost-effective way to work out.

To solve this problem, a treadmill is a great option to help you stay on track with regular workouts.

Based on my Reebok ZR8 treadmill review, below this may be an excellent choice for you to get your health and fitness in order.

Buyer’s Most Helpful Rebook ZR8 Treadmill Review (Voted)

Its a treadmill which, has reasonable ratings on Amazon. I have also read reviews elsewhere and this particular model seems to be very high.

I love it, so far. Its quite easy to set up. It works quite quietly and you can use a pre-set programme or just do your own thing.

Very easy to operate. I’ve connected my MP3 player to it. The sound is very good. Overall I think this is a good bit of kit and very worthy of consideration if you are looking to buy a treadmill.

M. Wise

M. Wise
September 2018

Highlighted Reebok ZR8 Treadmill Features

The ZR8 is designed to enable you to increase the intensity of your workouts gradually. Also based on my assessment below it is a definite step up from cheaper entry-level treadmills. Featuring:

  • 2.0 HP motor with a speed range of 1-16km/h
  • 12 electronic incline levels (with power electronic adjustment)
  • Easy folding soft drop mechanism 
  • Quick speed and incline handlebar controls and hand pulse measurement (pulse sensors)
  • MP3 audio input for built-in speakers
  • 24 preset programmes with 7 user-defined options (31 in total)
  • 110kg max. user weight
  • Fantastic Warranty – Lifetime on Frame, and 10 years on motor


Reebok ZR8 Speed and Computer

It has 24 pre-set workout programs, a top speed of 16 kph (very fast) and a minimum speed of 1 km/h (good for rehab). All of which are easily more than enough for almost any workout intensity.

ZR8 Treadmill LCD Screen

The 2.0 hp motor is powerful enough to manage almost any speed you want, and combined with the preset workouts offers a huge variety of pace and flat/ hill options to suit any training goals.

The control panel of the ZR8 is very easy to use and has built-in speakers that you connect to via the audio cable included (no Bluetooth). They are decent speakers but are not super powerful if you like to rock out to music during your runs.

That said, you really have to spend almost double the price to get top-end speakers and Bluetooth connectivity. I tend to use headphones anyway so this feature isn’t such a big deal for me.

Reebok Treadmill ZR8 Incline Options

The ZR8 has 24 pre-set incline levels all electronically powered so they can be adjusted during the run without having to get off the treadmill. This is a handy feature if you want to do some steep hill running with rest intervals in between.  

ZR8 treadmill power incline controls

Most cheaper treadmills only have manual incline settings which means you have to stop your workout and get off the treadmill if you want to change the incline. This can be a real pain if you want to vary the incline during a workout.

Reebok ZR8 Noise Level

Unlike many other treadmills, the treadmill Reebok ZR8 isn’t too loud when being used. It has built-in deck cushioning system and a large motor meaning engine noise and foot strikes are quieter than on cheaper treadmills.

So you can keep this treadmill in your bedroom to run early in the morning without disturbing other people in nearby rooms, or downstairs from the treadmill.

Maximum User Weight

The beefy ZR8 can handle up to 110 kg (17 stone). This maximum weight range is more than the cheaper options that typically only support only 100kg, thanks to the zigtech cushioning system.

However, if you are slightly over this weight and mainly plan on brisk walks you could comfortably use this treadmill at a higher weight due to its top-notch build quality.

Reebok Treadmill ZR8 Dimensions and Assembly

The ZR8 treadmill weighs around 67 kg unboxed and 78 kg boxed. The key dimensions are:

  • Fully assembled dimensions: 165 x 74 x 143 cm
  • Folded dimensions: 102 x 74 x 143 cm
  • Large running deck area: 126 x 41 cm

The running surface of the machine is quite generous which makes it secure even for tall or large runners. 

The Reebok treadmill ZR8 comes with a unique cushioning system. This gives additional cushioning on foot impact which helps protect your joints and will allow you to recover quicker from your training sessions.

The Reebok ZR8 treadmill comes ready-boxed in sections which are easy to assemble. Simply connect the rolling pins and follow the simple directions given in the Reebok ZR8 treadmill manual, it will soon be ready to use. As many of the parts are large it does help to have another person around when you’re putting it together.

ZR8 Treadmill Folded for storage

As with many of the better treadmills it does take up a bit more space when folded up due to the larger running deck and more stable/solid frame.

Below is a short assembly video from Reebok on the (very similar) ZR9 treadmill to give you a sense of the effort involved.

YouTube video

Conclusion on Reebok ZR8 Treadmill Value & Review

Runner on ZR8 treadmill

The Reebok ZR8 is an excellent choice for beginners and advanced runners alike – this is going to raise the heart rate! It has a noticeably better build quality and cushioning system than typical entry-level treadmills. 

With its large running deck for versatile speed and incline, a powerful motor and many attractive commercial-grade features, you will definitely not regret investing in this treadmill.

If I was to nitpick it does not fold up as small as some treadmills (mainly due to being larger/better build quality), and the built-in speakers could be better. Reebok addressed some of these concerns with their later model the Reebok ZR10 Treadmill

That said, for the price the Reebok ZR8 is amazing value and I highly recommend it.


Is A Reebok ZR8 Very Costly?

Looking at its exquisite features, the Reebok ZR8 is totally worth its asking price. Considering that Reebok is a well-known brand and has many attractive features, the ZR8 is a real bargain. Plus, the ZR8 is among the most affordable treadmills from the Reebok brand. 

Are Reebok Treadmills Any Good?

Yes. The majority of sports professionals and aficionados turn to Reebok for the best activewear and instruments. Reebok treadmills have garnered lots of positive reviews from current and former users. They are an ideal option if you want a reliable and functional option for your home gym or even the big box gyms.

Although there are different types and models of the Reebok treadmills, specifications and prices might differ slightly. It all depends on your budget and preferred features.  

The little bit of high-end Reebok treadmills may have sophisticated and various software programs. For instance, the ZR series (ZR8, ZR9, and the ZR10) uses a Zigtech cushioning system that gets more advanced with the latest release. The advanced ZR10 has a more enhanced cushion system compared to the ZR8.

Such slight modifications and features bring about the difference in price and even weight. But, all in all, Reebok treadmills are among the top-rated and used treadmills.

Can I Buy A Reebok ZR8 For My Commercial Gym Equipment?

As mentioned, the Reebok ZR8 is a perfect choice for beginners and advanced runners. It’s, therefore, suitable for home use and public use at the gym. Moreover, its outstanding built quality and advanced range of settings offer accommodative features needed in a commercial gym.

However, the 110kg user weight limit may not favor the exceedingly overweight and obese customers. Although people slightly above the Reebok ZR8 weight capacity can comfortably enjoy brisk walks on this equipment, it’s best to avoid high-intensity workouts. 

To reap the full benefits of the Reebok ZR8 and keep it running for a long time, it’s best to consider it as machinery for your home fitness solution.

Can I Change The Distance Measurements On My Reebok ZR8 Treadmill?

From the display monitor, you can effortlessly clock the speed or distance of your workout either in kilometers or miles. It’s also possible to switch to either of your preferred measurements. You can refer to the manufacturer’s manual on how to painlessly change the settings to either metric measurements (Km) or imperial measurements (Miles).
Alternatively, turn on the power, remove the safety key. You should see ‘’—’’ on the monitor. Concurrently press and hold the program and mode keys for a few seconds. The console will automatically convert from miles to kilometers. 

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