X-Lite II Treadmill Review: Compact, Foldable and a Top Speed of 12km/h

Smaller than most treadmills, the X-Lite II is the right choice for apartments, flats or smaller homes. Meant to be compact, the X-Lite II provides the utmost in functionality with 12 pre-set programs and powerful 1100W motor, yet keeps the machine smaller by offering a lower speed of 12km/h and 3 incline levels.

X-LITE II Treadmill

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Worried about the lower top speeds? Most users will struggle to hit 12km/h and very rarely does a person hit higher speeds unless they are a professional runner.

Let’s see why this model is often sold out.

Settings for Every Fitness Level

When you buy a treadmill, it’s not about the look of the machine or the size – it’s all about the settings. These settings allow you to increase your stamina, build muscle and ultimately reach your goals.

You’ll find that this super compact model has just about everything you can want in a non-commercial treadmill.

Once jumping on, you’ll be able to choose between three quick-start options if you want a quick cardio session, or you can choose between the 12-preset interval training programs. The latter is very difficult at the highest level and is the ideal choice for someone trying to push their body to the limit.

Obviously, there is also a manual setting if you want to control the speed and incline while running.

A maximum speed of 12km/h is more than enough for most people. This is a very difficult top speed, so don’t be turned away from this model if you’re used to other treadmills offering 16km/h. In all honesty, most people won’t get up to 12km/h and very few can run at 16km/h for even a short distance.

Want to build up more muscle?

There are three included levels to choose from to engage your quadriceps and glutes further.

If you want to monitor your heart rate, you’ll love the accurate heart rate sensor. The LCD display allows you to view your current heart rate as well as your speed and distance.

From a workout perspective, the X-Lite provides immense health benefits. But, there’s more to this model than just switching programs.

Designed for Home Use

Meant for the home user, you’ll be able to fold your treadmill up and pack it away neatly in the corner of your room. If you live in a flat or apartment, this is definitely a great way to get in your daily workout without having to sacrifice vital living space.


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Weighing just 28KG, this model folds and is easy to transport thanks to the lower wheels. There is even a safety lock feature, so you can confidently store this model upright.

The display is easy to read and settings are a breeze to adjust. There is a safety clip to ensure that if you fall, the belt shuts off. On the right and left of the display, you’ll find drink holders to hold your water.

Another feature you’ll notice is that to the right and left of the display are two speakers. You can easily connect your iPhone or MP3 player to this treadmill and utilize the Hi-Fi speakers, so you can breeze through your workout while listening to your favorite hits.

One thing that you’ll rarely find that X-Lite has offered is a free e-nook for running, weight loss and more. This ensures that a novice or first-time runner knows exactly how to maximize their results.

Standout Features

  • Folding design
  • Lifetime motor warranty
  • 12-preset training programs
  • Manual and quick-start options
  • MP3 connection
  • 3 incline levels
  • Hi-Fi, built-in speakers


  • Highly durable
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Folds perfectly for optimal storage
  • Crisp sounding speakers
  • 12 fitness programs built-in


  • Small belt width

For larger users, the belt width may be a little narrow. This was not an issue for me by any means, and I couldn’t praise this treadmill enough. Not only is it fast and easy to assemble, it comes with high-end features at a very low price.


Sturdy and reliable, the 12km/h speeds are very hard to obtain, the 12-preprogrammed training options range from extremely fit to the first-time user, and the 3 incline levels are more than sufficient. When you’re done, this model folds up so small that it barely takes up any space.

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