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The Latest Treadmill Reviews

My latest treadmill reviews are listed below. Scan to find the one your most interested in, or use the search box.

Some older and discontinued models are only available via the search box.

Reebok ZR8 Treadmill Review
If you're anything like me, you often don’t have time to visit the gym regularly, but you really want an[...]
JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill Review (New 2022 Generation)
The JLL S300 is a folding treadmill that the whole family can enjoy and comes with the lowest starting speed[...]
JLL S400 Folding Treadmill Review (New Generation)
Updated Jan-2021: This review has been updated to reflect the JLL S400 New Generation Treadmill which was released in 2020 (previously,[...]
Best Compact Treadmill
Limited workout space is one of the main things that put people off of trying to get exercise in their[...]
Reebok Jet 100 Treadmill Review
When it comes to fitness, there’s no machine quite like a treadmill, is there?No longer just for those after a[...]
Best Cheap Treadmills
As time goes on and technology becomes more advanced, there’s becoming less of a need to have a gym membership.Why[...]
Rowing Machine Vs Treadmill
"Rowing Machine Vs Treadmill" which one is the best? Cardio should be an essential part of any exercise regime as[...]
Exercise Bike Vs Treadmill
Cardiovascular training provides a complete workout for your body, sometimes using multiple muscle groups all at the same time.Cardio can[...]
Reebok ZR10 Treadmill Review
Updated March-2022: Unfortunately this product isn’t currently in stock but we’ll update you on future availability after we hear from[...]
Best Treadmill Mat – Protect Your Treadmill
With the global climate and ongoing pandemic causing people around the world to stay at home for indefinite periods of[...]
Branx Fitness ‘Elite Runner Pro’ Treadmill Review
Branx Fitness is one of the top treadmill brands in the industry, producing models for all budgets. Their Elite Runner Pro[...]
Branx Fitness ‘Cardio Pro’ Treadmill Review
While trying to reach my health and fitness goals, I always found it awfully tough to find the time to[...]
Best Treadmill Brands for Home Use
I've been writing about and reviewing treadmills since 2013.Believe me. The fitness landscape changes a lot, brands and manufacturers come[...]
York Active T120 Review – Gym Quality Treadmill
Looking for a "York Active T120 Review"? Here is one: The York Active T120 Motorised Incline Treadmill offers great value[...]
V-Fit MTT1 Manual Treadmill Review
The V-Fit MTT1 Mini treadmill is designed for users who are looking for an entry-level treadmill for walking and light[...]
Maxima Fitness MF-2000-SpeedsterXT Treadmill Review (Discontinued)
Update: This model has been discontinued. We recommend you check out the similar Maxima Fitness MF-2000-ProFX treadmill. This is a[...]
Confidence Power Plus Motorised Treadmill Review: 10 km/h top speed
Welcome to our Confidence Power Plus Review, where we present our research on the pros and cons of this product[...]
Maxima Fitness MF-2000-ProFX Review
The Maxima Fitness MF-2000-ProFX is a high-end range treadmill designed to give users a similar, or even better, experience than[...]
X-Lite II Treadmill Review: Compact, Foldable and a Top Speed of 10 km/h
Smaller than most treadmills, the X-Lite II is the right choice for apartments, flats or smaller homes.Designed to be compact,[...]
Prestige Sports XM-Pro III Treadmill Review
The new 2019 model XM-Pro III from Prestige Sports comes with a lifetime motor warranty, lightweight folding space-saving design, and[...]
NordicTrack C100 Treadmill Review: 20 km/h max speed + 125kg weight limit
Nordictrack C 100 NETL99814 TreadmillOverview: The NordicTrack C100 Treadmill provides an enjoyable workout machine giving you a "commercial gym grade" treadmill features and[...]
Prestige Sports XM-Pro II Elite Review (2019 Model)
If you want to help improve your health, your lifespan, and even your looks, a treadmill at home could be[...]
Biosync B1500 Foldable Manual Treadmill Review
The Biosync B1500 Motorised Treadmill is a brilliant product for those who wish to increase there fitness without facing the[...]
V-Fit Start Treadmill Review: 8 km/h Top Speed and 4 Preset Programs
Treadmills are a popular workout machine due to their ability to provide an individual with a total body workout. Most[...]
Homcom Motorised Electric Treadmill Review
Looking for a "Homcom Motorised Electric Treadmill Review"? Here is one:The Homcom motorised electric treadmill may be simple, but it[...]
Confidence GTR Power Pro Review: 12km/h speed and 120kg max user weight
OverviewThe Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorised Treadmill is designed as a mid-range treadmill that comes with lots of features that[...]
Confidence Power Trac Pro (735W) Treadmill Review
Getting a good workout is going to help you burn calories and lose weight, improve your heart rate, strengthen muscle[...]
York Active 110 Treadmill Review (13 km/h top speed)
If you search online for the best treadmills to buy, one of the results will certainly be the York Active[...]
Confidence Manual Treadmill Review
Several major treadmill companies still manufacture a manual (self-powered) treadmill alongside the state of the art treadmills that you can[...]
Maxima Fitness MF-3000 Review – Affordable Treadmill from Maxima
Maxima Fitness has created one of the best treadmills, or trainers as the company calls it, on the market with[...]
Confidence MTI Treadmill Review
Looking for a treadmill that performs well, but won’t break the bank? The Confidence MTI is a great choice. Designed[...]
Body Sculpture BT3152 Motorised Treadmill Review
Looking for a treadmill that’s affordable, built to last and offers a great workout? The Body Sculpture BT3152 may be[...]
F4H ES-T8012 Treadmill Review
Fit4Home provides one of the most affordable, functional treadmills on the market. The ES-T8012 is considered an Olympic Strider and[...]
JTX Sprint 3 Review
The JTX Sprint 3 is a motorised folding treadmill that offers a wide range of speed adjustments and workout programmes.[...]
Confidence TXI Treadmill Review
The Confidence TXI treadmill offers electronic incline adjustment, multiple workout programs and built-in speakers for your MP3 player. Available at[...]
Gym Master 1100W Treadmill Review
Update Feb 2017: Updated Feb-2017: This review has been updated with changes in the 2017 version of the Gym Master 2017[...]
JLL D100 Treadmill Review
The JLL D100 treadmill is an affordable, easy to use machine that will give you a great workout without ever[...]
Olympic Treadmill Review
Notice Product UpdateJan-2021 Update: I like to keep my product recommendations fresh. I've noticed that since posting this review there[...]