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Maxima Fitness MF-2000-SpeedsterXT Treadmill Review (Discontinued)
Update: This model has been discontinued. We recommend you check out the similar Maxima Fitness MF-2000-ProFX treadmill. This is a[...]
Confidence Power Plus Motorised Treadmill Review: 10 km/h top speed
Welcome to our Confidence Power Plus Review, where we present our research on the pros and cons of this product[...]
Maxima Fitness MF-2000-ProFX Review
The Maxima Fitness MF-2000-ProFX is a high-end range treadmill designed to give users a similar, or even better, experience than[...]
X-Lite II Treadmill Review: Compact, Foldable and a Top Speed of 10 km/h
Smaller than most treadmills, the X-Lite II is the right choice for apartments, flats or smaller homes. ​Designed to be[...]
Prestige Sports XM-Pro III Treadmill Review (2019 model)
The new 2019 model XM-Pro III from Prestige Sports comes with a lifetime motor warranty, lightweight folding space-saving design, and[...]
JLL S400 Review: 18 Programs and 20 Incline Levels (2019)
Updated ​​Jan-2019: This review has been updated with changes in the 2019 version of the JLL S400 and extended as[...]
NordicTrack C100 Treadmill Review: 20 km/h max speed + 125kg weight limit
The NordicTrack C100 Treadmill provides an enjoyable workout machine giving you a "commercial gym grade" treadmill features and reliability for your[...]
Prestige Sports XM-Pro II Elite Review (2019 Model)
If you want to help improve your health, your lifespan, and even your looks, a treadmill at home could be[...]
Reebok ZR8 (16 km/h) Treadmill Review
If you're anything like me, you often don’t have time to visit the gym ​regularly, but ​you really want an[...]
Branx Fitness ‘Elite Runner Pro’ Treadmill Review
Branx Fitness is one of the top treadmills manufacturers in the industry, producing models for all budgets. Their Elite Runner[...]
JLL S300 (2019) Treadmill Review – 16 km/h and 5-year Motor Warranty
​The JLL S300 is a treadmill that the whole family can enjoy and comes with the lowest starting speed I've[...]
Biosync B1500 Foldable Manual Treadmill Review
The Biosync B1500 Motorised Treadmill is a brilliant product for those who wish to increase there fitness without facing the[...]
V-Fit Start Treadmill Review: 8 km/h Top Speed and 4 Preset Programs
Treadmills are a popular workout machine due to their ability to provide an individual with a total body workout. Most[...]
Homcom Motorised Electric Treadmill Review
The Homcom motorised electric treadmill may be simple, but it will still give you a great workout. If you’re not[...]
Confidence GTR Power Pro Review: 12km/h speed and 120kg max user weight
Overview The Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorised Treadmill is designed as a mid-range treadmill that comes with lots of features[...]
Hi-Performance Electric (10 km/h) Treadmill Review
If you’re looking for a good quality treadmill and want to make sure you have the inside scoop on the[...]
Confidence Power Trac Pro (735W) Treadmill Review
Getting a good workout is going to help you burn those calories and lose weight, improve your heart rate, strengthen[...]
York Active 110 Treadmill Review (13 km/h top speed)
If you search online for the best treadmills to buy, one of the results will certainly be the York Active[...]
Confidence Manual Treadmill Review
Several major treadmill companies still manufacture a manual (self-powered) treadmill alongside the state of the art treadmills that you can[...]
Maxima Fitness MF-3000 Review – Affordable Treadmill from Maxima
Maxima Fitness has created one of the best treadmills, or trainers as the company calls it, on the market with[...]
Confidence MTI Treadmill Review
Looking for a treadmill that performs well, but won’t break the bank? The Confidence MTI is a great choice. Designed[...]
Body Sculpture BT3152 Motorised Treadmill Review
Looking for a treadmill that’s affordable, built to last and offers a great workout? The Body Sculpture BT3152 may be[...]
F4H ES-T8012 Treadmill Review
Fit4Home provides one of the most affordable, functional treadmills on the market. The ES-T8012 is considered an Olympic Strider and[...]
JTX Sprint 3 Review
The JTX Sprint 3 is a motorised folding treadmill that offers a wide range of speed adjustments and workout programmes.[...]
Confidence TXI Treadmill Review
The Confidence TXI treadmill offers electronic incline adjustment, multiple workout programs and built-in speakers for your MP3 player. Available at[...]
Gym Master 1100W Treadmill Review (2017 model)
Update Feb 2017: Updated Feb-2017: This review has been updated with changes in the 2017 version of the Gym Master 2017[...]
JLL D100 Treadmill Review
The JLL D100 treadmill is an affordable, easy to use machine that will give you a great workout without ever[...]
Olympic Treadmill Review
On first impression this model seems very similar to the Confidence Power Plus treadmill that has proven to be a[...]
V-Fit MTT1 Manual Treadmill Review
The V-Fit MTT1 Mini treadmill is designed for users who are looking for an entry-level treadmill for walking and light[...]
York Active T120 Review – Gym Quality Treadmill
The York Active T120 Motorised Incline Treadmill offers great value for money whilst looking as though it should be in[...]