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Investing in a treadmill provides a great way of keeping fit in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you want to partake in a walk or a more intense run, a treadmill is an excellent piece of workout equipment that can cater to the fitness abilities of different individuals.

While the cost of the treadmill itself can be a hefty investment, often costing upwards of a few hundred dollars, for cost-conscious fitness enthusiasts a particular concern can surround the electricity that is consumed when the machine is in use, and how it is going to impact electricity expenses. 

How much electricity does a treadmill use

Hefty electricity bills are an expense that many of us would like to avoid and so before contemplating an investment in a treadmill it is worth gaining an idea as to how much you should expect to spend.

Not only must you account for the cost of the treadmill itself and the electricity bills but also other costs that are incurred such as the maintenance and any possible repairs. 

Below, we have provided a breakdown of the amount of electricity that is used by a treadmill and how this is going to influence your costs. 

Simply put, the treadmill electricity cost isn’t as hefty as many would think. Many variable factors must be considered to determine how much electricity is going to be used. 

The wattage 

The wattage of your treadmill is going to determine how much electricity it is going to consume.

It is important to have an understanding of your machine's wattage and treadmill power usage as this will allow you to calculate potential electric costs.

The size of the motor that your treadmill is equipped with is going to influence the wattage rating.

The majority of treadmills typically tend to use around 300 to 900 watts of power and some calculations can be carried to gather an estimation as to how much electricity your machine is going to use and what effect this is going to have upon your costs.

To work this out you will need to assess how often you use your treadmill over a month before multiplying this by the max treadmill wattage.

For example, if you have a 600 watt treadmill and you use it approximately 18 hours a month, your treadmill is going to use 10.8 kilowatts of electricity a month. 

Utilizing this calculation will make it easier to pinpoint this cost on your electricity bill. 

How much is your treadmill going to be used?

As previously touched upon, the regularity in which your treadmill is used is going to influence how much electricity the machine uses.

Of course, the more the machine is in use, the more electricity it is going to consume.

While some people may use their treadmill at irregular intervals for short periods at a time, others may use their treadmill much more regularly for lengthy workout sessions.

The treadmill power consumption for this reason is going to depend on how much regularly and how intensely your treadmill is used. 

The speed at which you use your treadmill

Another factor to consider is the speed at which your treadmill is going to be used.

If you enjoy using your treadmill to partake in a relaxed walk then this is going to use less electricity than if you were to use the treadmill for a lengthier run.

This factor is a little more difficult to determine and this is because most people change the speed at which they are traveling throughout their workout.

While many will start at a slow speed, it is likely that at some point throughout the workout you will increase the speed before possibly decreasing again.

To estimate how much electricity your treadmill is going to use, base your calculations on the speed that is used the most during your workout. 

Do you use your treadmill at an incline?

If you use your treadmill at an incline this can impact how much electricity it uses.

While it isn’t going to have a significant effect on the overall treadmill electricity consumption it is worth noting.

Many people enjoy using their treadmill at a slight incline while others prefer to enjoy working out on a flatter incline.

Unless you are using your treadmill at a severe incline for the whole duration of time in which you are working out, this isn’t likely to have a huge impact on the overall electricity consumption. 

The age of the treadmill

As with most machines and appliances, the efficiency of a treadmill begins to decrease as it ages.

As the components age, they are likely to begin to deteriorate and for this reason, the machine is going to consume more power.

While it is not impossible to delay your treadmill aging, to avoid deteriorating parts causing an increase in electricity bills it is important to ensure that you conduct regular maintenance checks, as this will enable you to identify any problems. 

Final Thoughts

Treadmills do not use lots of electricity and this is because most individuals use their machine in moderation.

You are unlikely to use your machine constantly for the duration of the day but rather for short but regular workout periods throughout the week.

Many factors can impact how much electricity is used by your treadmill and this is also something that can differ between the model and brand, for this reason, it can be difficult to determine the exact amount of electricity that your treadmill is going to use.

To gain a clearer understanding as to how much electricity your treadmill is likely to use there are calculations that you can conduct regarding the wattage and your usage.

Also, consider other factors such as the speed at which you travel when using your treadmill and whether you use your treadmill at an incline.

The condition of your treadmill is also going to influence how much electricity your treadmill is going to use.

As your treadmill begins to age and possibly deteriorate it is going to consume more power and so you should ensure that regular maintenance is carried out to avoid this issue. 

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