JLL S300 Treadmill Review

Affordable, at-home fitness doesn’t get any better than a treadmill. When you push yourself to the limit by raising inclines and speeds, you can get an effective workout that burns fat and increases your stamina. The JLL S300 is a treadmill that the whole family can enjoy and comes with the lowest starting speed seen in the UK: 0.3 km/h or 0.18 mph.

JLL S300 Treadmill

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Before we dive into the features and performance section of our JLL S300 treadmill review, let’s take a look at some of the standout specifications seen.

JLL S300 Treadmill Specifications

  • Power: Peak power of 4.5 HP and continuous power of 2.5 HP
  • Speed: 0.3km/h – 16km/h; 0.18 mph – 10 mph
  • Programs: 3 programmable and 15 preprogrammed settings are available
  • Incline: Adjust incline up to 12 percent with 20 different levels present
  • LCD: Display speed, time, distance and more on the LCD screen
  • Warranty: 2 years on parts and 5 years on the motor

Features and Performance

JLL S300 offers the convenience of two men delivery so that you don’t need to carry the S300 into your home. Upon arrival, you will be able to set up your treadmill and start your very first run. During our trial, we experienced the following:

Easy Program Choosing

The LCD display not only includes your current run statistics, but it also includes 15 running programs to get started. You can choose to not use a program, but the basic program was more than sufficient for a first run. Users can also create their own program if they wish.

JLL S300 Treadmill LCD

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The LCD display includes:

  • Time
  • Speed
  • Heart rate
  • Calories burned
  • Incline
  • Distance

Users can also connect audio right into the USB slot available.

Speed and Incline

Boasted as the slowest starting speed in the UK. The JLL S300 offers a very smooth start of 0.3 km which is great for a warmup or for older users. As you progress, you can increase the speed up to 10 km for a very fast run. An incline setting is available that will allow you to change the incline between 20 different levels of difficulty. This allows for 4 times the calorie burn when on the highest level setting.

Smooth Running

As your feet hit the treadmill’s 122 cm length runner, they will trigger the 8-point cushioning on the running deck. This allows you to run without feeling foot or knee pains in the process.


  • 20 level incline
  • Speed range
  • Soft running platform
  • Programmable
  • Long warranty
  • Two-men delivery
  • 4 wheels for easy transport


  • Heavy
  • Folding is inadequate


The running experience on the JLL S300 is spectacular. You will notice that there are a range of settings that you can work up to in an effort to burn more calories and provide further exertion. The shipping was great, but the instructions left a little to be desired during assembly. Once assembled, this machine is very durable and offers advanced features that are not normally seen in this price range.

Our final assessment for this JLL S300 treadmill review is that users of all ages can benefit from this treadmill. It is filled with features, easily programmable and offers the utmost in durability.

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