Compare Treadmills by Price and Features

Last Update: Feb-2018
In the comparison tables below we have selected the best treadmills (in our opinion) for each major price category. In each table we show you the key treadmill features, covering:

– Maximum speed
– Maximum user weight
– Size of running area
– Our overall rating

You can also sort the tables by any of these features to help choose the best treadmill for you. So jump in and look at the table that best suits your budget to pick the right treadmill for you.

Treadmills usually priced under £150

Budget grade treadmills are mostly priced between £100 and £150. The trade-offs are a smaller or no motor meaning they’re best suited for walking and slow to medium pace jogging.

To get to this price point the size of the running area is typically smaller. So if you’re taller or have a longer/ wider stride your feet may occasionally hit the edges of the treadmill deck.

That said, these treadmills are good if you’re tight on space, or plan to mainly use it for walking, and you’re less than 100 kg.

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ImageMax. SpeedMax. WeightRunning Area SizeRunning Dims hiddenOur RatingRating Sort hiddenLatest Price
Homcom Unisex Motorised ElectricHomcom Unisex Motorised Electric Treadmill10 km/h120 kg100 x 34 cm34004.5Check Price on Amazon
Body Fit ElectricBody Fit Electric Treadmill6 km/h100 kg80 x 27 cm21603.0Check Price on Amazon
Homcom Motorised ElectricHomcom Motorised Electric Treadmill10 km/h120 kg98 x 33 cm32674Check Price on Amazon
V-fit MTT1 ManualV-fit MTT1 Manual Treadmillself-powered100 kg109 x 30 cm32703Check Price on Amazon
Panana 2017 MiniPanana 2017 Mini Treadmillself-powered120 kg96 x 36 cm34564Check Price on Amazon

Treadmills usually priced between £150 and £250

The next step up in price and quality is the Value Treadmill category. For the extra £50 – £100 you’ll get a combination of: better quality frame, larger motor, bigger running area, and improved computer/ LCD screen.

This means a slightly higher top speed, more built-in programs for your workout, and a treadmill that is more suitable for taller and heavier runners. Overall you should expect to get a longer life from a treadmill in this category.

We recommend you pick a Value (or better) treadmill when you’re starting out, as you can continue to use it as your fitness improves and you need more challenging workouts.

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ImageMax. SpeedMax. WeightRunning AreaRunning Dims hiddenOur RatingRating Sort hiddenLatest Price
Confidence Power PlusConfidence Power Plus Treadmill10 km/h120 kg98 x 36 cm35283.5Check Price on Amazon
Confidence Gtr Power ProConfidence Gtr Power Pro Treadmill12 km/h120 kg110 x 40 cm44004Check Price on Amazon
Hi-PerformanceHi-Performance Treadmill10 km/h100 kg101 x 34 cm40404Check Price on Amazon
XM-PRO IIIXM-PRO III Treadmill12 km/h110 kg110 x 40 cm44004.5Check Price on Amazon
Gym Master Pro MotorisedGym Master Pro Motorised Treadmill12 km/h120 kg118 x 40 cm47204.5Check Price on Amazon
V-fit Fit-StartV-fit Fit-Start Treadmill08 km/h100 kg100 x 40 cm40003.5Check Price on Amazon
XM-PRO IIXM-PRO II Treadmill10 km/h100 kg100 x 34 cm34003.5Check Price on Amazon
Gym Master Pro X-TechGym Master Pro X-Tech Treadmill14 km/h110 kg110 x 40 cm44004.5Check Price on Amazon

Treadmills usually priced between £250 and £500

Premium grade treadmills are where you’ll see a big step up in terms of all the key features.

Most notably you’ll have a much larger running area (great for fast running/ taller runners), a fast top speed, and a build quality that will last many years and easily support you if you’re a heavier person.

Even though these treadmills are more expensive they are typically more popular because of the extra value they provide.

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ImageMax. SpeedMax. WeightRunning AreaRunning Dims hiddenOur RatingRating Sort hiddenLatest Price
JLL S300JLL S300 Treadmill16 km/h120 kg123 x 41 cm50434.5Check Price on Amazon
Branx Fitness Cardio ProBranx Fitness Cardio Pro Treadmill20 km/h130 kg135 x 48 cm64805Check Price on Amazon
JLL S400JLL S400 Treadmill16 km/h120 kg135 x 45 cm60754.5Check Price on Amazon
Reebok ZR8Reebok ZR8 Treadmill16 km/h120 kg126 x 41 cm51664.5Check Price on Amazon
JTX Slim-LineJTX Slim-Line Treadmill14 km/h110 kg125 x 41 cm51255Check Price on Amazon
Confidence TXIConfidence TXI Treadmill12 km/h140 kg120 x 40 cm48003.5Check Price on Amazon
Salus Sports X-lite Nex-GenSalus Sports X-lite Nex-Gen Treadmill14 km/h120 kg110 x 40 cm44004.5Check Price on Amazon

Treadmills usually priced over £500

The top price category are the (nearly) Commercial Grade quality treadmills. These are the top dogs in the treadmill world. Similar to what you’d see in most commercial gyms these treadmills have everything you need and more. No matter how fit you get they will always be able to give you a challenging workout.

If there is a downside to these treadmills it’s that they do take up more space than Value or Premium treadmills. But if you have the room, and the budget, you will not regret investing in one of these treadmills.

For the equivalent of around two years worth of fees at a fancy gym you’ll have a machine you can work out on anytime without having to leave your house.

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ImageMax. SpeedMax. WeightRunning AreaRunning Dims hiddenOur RatingRating Sort hiddenLatest Price
Branx Fitness Elite Runner ProBranx Fitness Elite Runner Pro Treadmill23 km/h160 kg140 x 52 cm72805Check Price on Amazon
York Fitness Active 120York Fitness Active 120 Treadmill16 km/h110 kg120 x 41 cm49204Check Price on Amazon
JTX Sprint-7JTX Sprint-7 Treadmill20 km/h160 kg145 x 52 cm75405Check Price on Amazon
Proform Endurance M7Proform Endurance M7 Treadmill18 km/h125 kg140 x 51 cm71404Check Price on Amazon
Reebok ZR10Reebok ZR10 Treadmill18 km/h120 kg132 x 45 cm59404.5Check Price on Amazon