Best Treadmill Accessories


To ensure a more comfortable and rewarding workout experience it's good to have the right treadmill accessories. 

All this makes your workout is more enjoyable. Below we've rounded up the best one or two options for category of treadmill accessories you'll need. 

Treadmill Mats

Treadmill mats have several benefits including floor and carpet protection, and reducing noise (particularly on hard floors). Using the treadmill without some padding underneath it will allow you to feel and hear more of the machine’s vibration and in some cases may cause friction between the treadmill and the floor potentially reducing the life of the treadmill and damaging the floor in the process.

A mat will also prolong the life of the treadmill because it prevents any debris or dust from carpet from entering any of the mechanical parts of the treadmill.

Treadmill mats are also used for safety as they limit the treadmill from potentially moving or sliding around on the hard floors.

For treadmill mats to absorb the noise and vibration they should be at least 4mm thick. Also be sure that the mat is wider and longer than the treadmill base. Typically a 2m x 1m mat will cover all treadmills with room to spare.

Confidence Fitness Rubber Mat

The Confidence Fitness Rubber Mat is the best mat for most people. At 2m x 1m it is large enough, and at 4mm thick enough for most users and all treadmills. 

Confidence also manufacture some of the most popular treadmill on the market so they know what they are doing.

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Reebok CV Treadmill Mat

Reebok CV Treadmill Mat

If you want to upgrade from the Confidence mat above the Reebok CV Treadmill Mat is the one you want. Their CV Mat (stands for 'Cardio Vascular' in case you were wondering) is also 2m x 1m in floor size but thicker at 6mm.

Reebok know their treadmills and this upgrade may make sense if you have a heavier (premium) treadmill, are really concerned about flooring protection, and/or noise reduction.

In our opinion the rubber used with the Reebok CV mat seems slightly stronger and less likely to tear when you are moving the treadmill around.

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Treadmill Silicone Oil

Silicone oil will reduce friction and keep the belt of your treadmill running smoothly. It is an important part of the general maintenance for your treadmill.

Before using the silicone oil, loosen the belt and be sure to wipe down the surface and components of the machine to remove any dust or dirt, and make sure you have a protective surface under the treadmill in case of any oil drops. 

You should lubricate the treadmill every six months with light use, every three months for two or three times a week use, and every six to eight weeks daily usage. Basically every 100 hours or so is about right.

Carbusonic Treadmill Oil

Carbusonic Silicone Oil

Carbusonic Treadmill Silicone Oil is made in the UK and one of the best-selling treadmill lubricants, containing 100% non-toxic silicone oil. 

It comes with a syringe that helps to keep the oil where you want it, and avoid applying too much at once. We recommend 1-2 full syringes is enough for regular maintenance.

There's not much more to say - it's cheap and effective. Get some! 

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Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor

A heart rate sensor is good to have during a your treadmill workout as it allows you to track the workout intensity in real-time.

Many premium treadmills will sync to bluetooth enabled heart rate monitors so you can track you heart rate along with speed and incline on the treadmill control panel.

An added benefit is these monitors can also sync with your smartphone, so you can also use it when you're not on the treadmill.

The Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor provides accurate heart rate readings, and as of of the leading brands on heart rate sensors it is compatible with basically all treadmills that feature bluetooth heart rate connectivity.

It's waterproof and compatible with all recent Apple iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. It is also compatible with almost all mobile training apps through the use of Bluetooth Smart Technology. 

So this is a solid option as it can be used with your smart device if your current treadmill does not have bluetooth functionality. The strap also comes in a variety of colours.

Although there are many bluetooth heart rate monitors on the market we like the Polar H7 as it's high quality, reasonably priced, and widely compatible with treadmill and smart phones/ tablets. 

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Tablet Holder

If you like to have a little distraction and include a bit of entertainment while working out on your treadmill then a tablet holder will be the ideal accessory.

Octa Lynx Tablet Mount

Octa Lynx Tablet Mount

Treadmill handles, control panels and LCD all come in different shapes and sizes. So attaching your tablet can get tricky.

We like the Octa Lynx Mount as it allows you to attach the mount to almost any to round, flat, or irregular shaped surface up to 5cm thick.

In terms of compatibility it can hold any tablet with a length or width between 15cm and 20.7cm.

It is also known to be compatible with the iPad Air (but not iPad Pro), iPad Mini (all models), Galaxy (all models), and the Surface (all models).

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I hope these accessory ideas are useful and make you 'treadmill-ing' more enjoyable. If you're in the market for a new treadmill also check out our latest treadmill reviews and top 3 recommended models.