JLL S400 Review: 18 Programs and 20 Incline Levels (2018 New Generation)

JLL S400 Treadmill

Updated Dec-2017: This review has been updated with changes in the 2017 version of the JLL S400 and extended as a result of more detailed testing this time round.

The JLL S400 Premium Treadmill is the latest in treadmills from JLL Fitness and has many different features that make this a good option for any home gym setup.

The JLL S400 is close to being on par with many treadmills you would find at your local fitness center. Unlike many home models JLL provides superior functionality and a solid 5-year warranty on the motor and lifetime warranty on the frame.

The S400 is the premium sister to the very popular JLL S300 treadmill. The main difference between the two is the larger running deck and the inclusion of bluetooth connectivity for the built-in speakers on the S400. Other than these two features they are virtually identical.

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Key Features of the JLL S400 Premium Treadmill

  • 16-point cushion deck shock absorption system
  • Electric auto-incline with 20 levels up to a 12% angle
  • Large 5.5" LCD screen with blue backlight
  • 15 running programs including 3 customisable options
  • Good quality built-in speakers 
  • Bluetooth and USB connection for iPod/iPhone/mp3 player connectivity

Functions and Performance

Don’t want to figure out your own program? No one does. People want to jump on their treadmill and go for a run without putting a lot of thought into speeds and varying inclines. For a person that wants to see results and doesn’t want to sit down and plot their own program, the S400 has all the option you will need.

There are technically only 12 built in programs for you to start with ranging from easy to difficult.If you want to take complete control over your program, you can. The other three presets are programmable by you. This is great if you're the sort of person who wants to create their own interval running programs to use on a regular basis.

There are even high-powered speakers, so you can connect your iPhone or other device to the treadmill and listen to your favorite songs while you run either via Aux input or bluetooth.

JLL S400 LCD Screen

My one criticism is the heart rate monitor in the hand rails. These are difficult to use when running at a more than a moderate pace and not always accurate. I would have liked to see the ability to connect a heart rate strap to the display  via the otherwise excellent Bluetooth capability.

The treadmill also now comes equipped with a pause function for emergencies or for just taking a break. You can pause your workout by pressing the STOP button once and then when you are ready you can continue from where you left off.​

Noise Level

Once you step foot on the treadmill, you’ll notice that this treadmill is a little different than cheaper options. Why? There is a built-in shock absorption system.

The JLL S400 Premium Treadmill has a 16-point cushion system that reduces both the sound from your shoes hitting the running deck but also the impact on your joints.


As far as the motor goes, you get a continuous 2.5 HP motor with 1800 W that can actually bump itself up to a peak of 4.5 HP and 3350 watts. That way, you’re going to have just the right amount of power to keep the track spinning at just the speed and incline you want. Don't know what that means?

The motor delivers a wide range of speeds going from 0.3 km/h all the way to a whopping 16 km/h. So you’re definitely not going to have a problem getting a speed you can feel comfortable with, no matter your capabilities.

Incline Levels
Want to test your endurance even more? You’re able to change between 20 different incline levels (up to 12 degrees). You can easily adjust the elevation with the incline buttons located on the handrail. The handrails also have the speed buttons and heart rate sensors built-in.

This is a benefit of premium of many mid-range and premium treadmills, in that you can vary the steepness without having to get off the treadmill and make the adjustment manually.

You can achieve a higher intensity workout and accelerated weight loss with the 20-level incline which is equal to a 12% incline. 

Size and Weight

The JLL S400 is solidly built from good quality steel. As with most folding treadmills there is sometimes vibration at higher speeds especially with larger runners. This is a reasonable tradeoff in my opinion given the storage benefits, and not a big deal given the quality construction of this treadmill.

JLL S400 Size and Weight

The JLL S400 dimensions are:

  • Assembled Dimensions: 170 L x 70 W x 134 H cm
  • Folded Dimensions: 110 L x 70 W x 134 H cm
  • Running Area: 135 L x 45 W cm
  • Product Weight: 69 kg
JLL S400 Dimensions

The video below from the JLL Fitness Warehouse will give you a good idea of the size and contruction of the JLL S400 treadmill.​

Assembly and Delivery

The S400 will be Delivered to a 'ground floor' location of your choice. The treadmill comes in two boxes, one for the motor and the other with the frame. 

It is very heavy (a good thing) and does require more than one person to move around. If you want it upstairs sometimes if you speak nicely to the delivery folks they will help you out.

Assembly is relatively straight forward although the instructions are not the best I've seen. This is unfortunately common with treadmill manufacturers taking some weird pleasure in seeing who can write the most confusing instructions!

Having two people certainly helps with assembly (and of you need to move the boxes yourself). However once assembled it is easy to fold and store away with one person.

Max User Weight

The maximum user weight for this model is 120 kg (approx 19st or 260 lb). It also has adjustable weight settings in the LCD computer to allow you to correctly calculate the number of calories you're burning.

Compared to the JLL S300 Model

The differences between the JLL S400 and the JLL S300 treadmill is the mostly size of the running area and the inclusion of bluetooth connectivity for the speakers. The JLL S400 treadmill boasts a running deck with an additional 12cm in length and 4cm in width compared to the S300.

So if you are average height or below and aren't interested in the Bluetooth feature then give the JLL S300 a serious look as it's around 25% cheaper.


The JLL S400 Treadmill has many premium features, if fact you'll find very little not to like with this model. It’s high quality with a mid-range price, it’s durable, and the warranty is exceptional.

The digital LCD display tracks your vital statistics, such as calories burned, distance and heart rate. You can also connect via bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet to listen to music through the high-powered on-board speakers.

The JLL S400 provides near commercial-grade quality at a price meant for home use. Whether you’re trying to build stamina, lose weight or gain muscle, this is the ideal treadmill.

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