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The durability of your treadmill will be greatly improved if you look after it properly. You don’t need a lot of technical knowledge or special equipment to carry out some regular maintenance.

Even in you don’t manage any other maintenance tasks, it’s vital that you lubricate the tread belt with the correct lubricant.

If you don’t know how to do this, we have a step-by-step guide on how you should lubricate your treadmill.

where to buy treadmill lubricant

Moving parts cause friction and treadmill belts move a lot! Without lubricant, there is a lot of friction between the running belt and the deck. This puts a strain on the treadmill motor and increases wear and tear. So, where can you get a lubricant that is suitable for a treadmill belt?

Bike shops and auto spares stores

Bike shops and auto spares stores are bursting with lubricants of many different formulations. Many of them are heavy-duty and carry out other functions as well as lubrication such as dispelling moisture and preventing rust. It may be hard to identify a silicone-based lubricant that is suitable for a treadmill.

Another problem is that many bike and car lubricants are supplied as sprays. This does not allow for precision application which makes the application process quite messy! The last thing you want is to get the lubricant on the treadmill belt as this will present a slip hazard.

Bikes and cars require a lot of lubrication compared to treadmills so you may end up having to buy a large bottle which is a waste of money. If you do end up trying to source from a bike shop, make sure that you get a silicone oil lubricant with a suitable applicator that is sold in small quantities.

Why buy treadmill lubricant from a gym equipment brand?

The best place to source all accessories for your treadmill is from a high street or online gym accessories brand. We have a carefully chosen range of specialist treadmill accessories and this includes a treadmill lubricant that is an excellent product. We also suggest a selection of floor mats, tablet holders and similar products. Here’s why this is the best place to buy treadmill lubricant.

Pure silicone oil product

By purchasing a special treadmill belt lubricant, you know that you will be getting a treadmill silicone oil that is 100% pure. This type of lubricant for treadmills is designed specifically for treadmill application and is suitable for all treadmill brands.

Clear instructions

Because this lube is designed specifically for treadmills, it will come with manufacturers’ instructions on how to use it correctly as part of your regular treadmill service.

Extends the life of your machine

It will ensure friction-free running for your deck and will extend the life of your machine making it the cost-effective choice. It will also help to protect surfaces from dirt and dust.

Non-toxic and safe

Silicone treadmill lubricant is safe and non-toxic making it the obvious choice for use around the home. No one wants to expose their family and pets to dangerous chemicals. Also, it has no odour and is therefore much more pleasant to use in the domestic environment.

Easy to apply

Silicone treadmill lube comes in a bottle with an easy applicator that makes the process of applying the lube much simpler and not so messy. This is very important for treadmills that you are using in your own home.

Similar products from a bike shop or an auto spares store do not always come with an applicator and rely on a spray instead. This can cause damage to delicate floor surfaces and can make tiles and hardwood floors slippery.

These lubricants are designed to be applied without you having to take off the treadmill belt which would be the case with a regular lubricating oil.


Silicone spray from bike stores can have a fairly thin consistency. Silicone lube from gym equipment brands, however, is 350 Grade thick lubricant. It can withstand high temperatures, is long-lasting and will not run off the treadmill deck as you are using the machine. This means that it does a better job and you can have a longer period between lubrications.

Lubricating folding treadmills

Some treadmills need more lubricating than others. Folding treadmills are becoming increasingly popular as people realise the health benefits and convenience. However, as with anything that folds away, there will be more hinges and joints that could potentially seize up.

As well as lubricating below the running belt, you may find that you need to carefully apply some lubricant to the hinges. Also, some of the portable treadmills have a motor that is not so powerful so it is even more important that you do not put a strain on them by failing to lubricate the belt.

Finally, it is very important to buy a thick purpose-made lubricant for a fold-away treadmill. Thinner lubes will simply run off the deck when the treadmill is folded and make a terrible (and very slippery) mess in your home!


Why lubricate a treadmill?

The moving parts of all machines need to be able to glide smoothly across each other and a treadmill deck and belt are no exception. When you lubricate a surface, you introduce another layer in between the two surfaces that prevents friction. They require less force to move across each other.

You need to lubricate a treadmill to reduce the friction between the belt and the deck. This reduces the strain on the motor and prolongs its life. It also helps to keep out dust and dirt that could cause even more friction.

What is the best lubricant for treadmills?

To keep your treadmill in top condition and extend its life, you need a 100% 350 grade silicone lubricant. It should have a thick consistency and be supplied with full instructions as well as an easy-to-use applicator. Don’t forget to turn off the power source before applying it.

Is WD 40 silicone oil lubricant okay for a treadmill?

No, WD 40 is not suitable for a treadmill. It was designed as an industrial rust-prevention solvent and de-greaser. Whilst it does contain silicone, it also has a lot of other chemicals in it that make it unsuitable for use on a treadmill. It also has a thin consistency and is very likely to run off the deck as soon as you apply it.

How often do you lubricate a treadmill?

This depends on your treadmill, how often you use it and what you use it for. A treadmill that is used for walking infrequently, may not need as frequent lubrication. Check with the manufacturer’s instructions to get the detailed guidance for your machine. Most treadmills need to be lubricated around every three months. Some treadmills need to be lubricated after every 40 hours of use but for others, it is over 100 hours.

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