Reebok Jet 100 Treadmill Review

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When it comes to fitness, there’s no machine quite like a treadmill, is there?

No longer just for those after a pelting speed on the belt, treadmills are a great way to include interval training into your routine and thanks to accessibility, can now be a part of your home life too! 

Reebok’s Jet 100 Treadmill is one you may have already come across on your hunt for a new treadmill, and we aren’t surprised why.

It’s an excellent option for those looking to increase their fitness, or like me, finally give running a go! 

Whatever your reasons for buying a treadmill, choosing the right one is a difficult choice to make. 

But fear not, we are here to make that choice a little easier.

So without further ado, let us bring you a detailed review of the Reebok Jet 100 treadmill to help make your treadmill choice easier. 

Reebok Jet 100 Series Bluetooth Treadmill - White

Reebok Jet 100 Treadmill Review


In a hurry? Let’s take a look at all you need to know about the Reebok Jet 100 treadmill! 

  • It is powered by a 2.0HP motor for a quiet run. 
  • Maximum user weight of 110kg (17 stone). 
  • A speed range of 1-16kph.
  • 12 levels of incline.
  • 130 x 43 cm of running area. 
  • 24 motivational programmes (16 pre-set, HRC and four targets, four fat burns).
  • Body fat analysis. 
  • Air motion technology adapts to the user’s foot strike to prevent running injuries. 
  • Air-filled pockets allow for a more comfortable running experience. 
  • Easy to use LED display to show time, speed, distance, and calories burnt. 
  • MP3 speakers with an audio and USB connector for music without your headphones.
  • Seven alternative display functions. 
  • The treadmill can be folded away for easy storage.  
  • The heart rate monitor is easy to grip and use when exercising.

Got a bit more time? Let’s look at its features and aspects in greater detail. 

Buying Guide

Features of Reebok’s Jet 100 Treadmill

  • LED Display Screen: Turns on when treadmill is plugged in. Seven alternative screens for customization. Non-interactive screen with large and easy-to-use buttons.
  • Practical Design: White color and large buttons for practicality. Excellent for glasses wearers with large and bold buttons.
  • Speed and Incline: Top speed of 16pkh. 12 levels of incline to challenge your workout.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Conveniently positioned heart rate monitor. Provides accurate readings and easier grip. Discrepancies may occur, consult a GP if concerned.
  • Varied Programs: 24 changeable programs for workout variety. Ideal for interval training or beginners.
  • Built-in Speakers and USB Connector: Play music via built-in speakers without headphones. USB connector for device charging.
  • Adjustable Fan: Built-in fan for cooling during workouts. Adjustable direction based on your height and position.
  • Convenient Features: Two drinks holders for easy access to hydration.

Talk cushioning to me

Reebok’s Jet 100 uses a cushioning system which they marketed as like running on air.

The treadmill uses unique air motion technology to provide a smoother and more comfortable running experience. 

The belt of the treadmill features cushioning air pods which transfer air to adapt to the user’s foot strike.

The moving channels of air work to reduce ground reaction force to prevent potential injuries when running. 

What this airflow cushioning does is help to reduce joint impact, enabling you to work out for longer.

When running on the treadmill, it does feel nice and comfortable. Whether it will work to avoid any injuries, it is difficult to say, but the comfort when you run is always a bonus. 

Noise levels 

Reebok’s Jet 100 treadmill produces a very low level of noise.

When we ran tests, it ranked very highly, higher is less noise in these tests, outranking more expensive treadmills too! 

A quiet treadmill means your attention won’t be drawn to any loud noises from whirring fans or the belt and will allow you to focus solely on your workout.

It is worth noting that your treadmill will emit some noise, especially at higher speeds as the belt moves quicker and generates some noise. 

Safety concerns

When working out, it is always essential to assess the safety risks to yourself. The treadmill has several safety features, such as an auto-stop safety function.

Similar to the treadmills you will see in gyms, a red cord is attached to the front of the treadmill magnetically.

You can clip this onto your clothing while you workout. If the cord is pulled, the magnet will come away from the treadmill and will enforce an emergency stop. 

This method of safety is one commonly used on a treadmill and ensures that the speed will stop should you require it.

It is always worth wearing the safety clip, even if you are using a slower pace on the treadmill, making sure you are covered in the case of any accidents. 


The treadmill’s arrival weight is 76kgs, making it quite heavy. It’s worth making sure there is someone to help you get the treadmill into your house if you have a contactless delivery. 

When it arrives, the treadmill comes 90% assembled, making it a breeze to get you up and running.

All that is left to do is lift the frame, bolt in the screws and remove the red safety cap. The included instructions are easy to follow and should get you set up in no time! 

Reebok’s treadmill also folds into an upright position, similar to other compact treadmills on the market.

The folding features allow you to store the treadmill in the corner or a room or under the stairs if you do not have the space to leave the treadmill out at all times. 

Easy to use 

When purchasing a treadmill, how easy it will be to use is always an essential factor. You don’t want to spend 20 minutes setting it up before you can begin your workout.

Reebok’s treadmill is reasonably straightforward and easy to use. You can set a preset speed, manually increase and decrease the speed quickly, allowing you to begin your workout almost immediately. 


Anytime you spend money, you want to make sure there is a secure investment.

Reebok’s Jet 100 treadmill comes with an excellent warranty to provide you with peace of mind should anything go wrong. 

The warranty with this treadmill applies to different parts of the machine. For the frame you get a lifetime warranty, so you are always covered if anything should happen!

You get a two-year warranty on parts for the treadmill as a whole, with labour included too, so you won’t even need to pay out for that! 

The motor comes with a ten-year warranty too, providing you with cover should anything go wrong.

As always, there are some exceptions to the warranty, so be sure to read it carefully when your treadmill arrives so you know what you are covered for. 


Reebok’s Jet 100 treadmill sits in the middle of the price range for treadmills.

It’s an excellent option for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on a treadmill, especially if it’s your first treadmill, you might hate it and end up blowing your savings on a glorified clothes horse, not good! 

Be sure the treadmill is within your budget before making your purchase. 

Final Word

Reebok’s Jet 100 treadmill is a reasonably priced compact treadmill that can provide a great home workout for you.

The treadmill has lots of exciting features, namely the motion air technology for a more comfortable run that will help to prevent running injuries

The treadmill has all the features you would expect, the built-in speakers and adjustable fan are great additions that will enhance your workout experience.

For those after a safe and easy to use treadmill that will not break the bank, this is the treadmill for you! 

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