How Many Miles Can You Walk in A Day?

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Walking is fun when you go for a walk with your friends or family. Some people walk to school or work and enjoy it. You can choose to walk whatever distance you want.

But if you want to know how many miles you can walk in a day, I would say that it varies from individual to individual. 

How Many Miles Can You Walk In A Day

A lot of people still practice this good old-fashioned way of staying fit. Walking acts as a supplemental exercise in your ongoing training workouts. On a treadmill also, you are required to walk for some time and then begin running.

Find below how many miles can you walk in a day.

How Many Miles Can You Walk in A Day?

3 miles on average. In the beginning, you could start by walking 3 miles per day. Doctors say that walking is a kind of aerobic exercise, and the more you do it, the more benefits. But, how many miles can you walk in a day? People still raise this question every time they decide to keep track of their walking distances.

For ageing people, they should walk for 30 minutes every day. This will reduce the risks of chronic diseases. This 30-minute walking session is also suggested to people who want to maintain their fitness and not reduce weight. What about overweight people? 

Well, obese people are advised to walk longer distances and not walk at a faster pace. The more miles they walk, the more calories they burn. By walking 3-4 miles per day, you can lose roughly about 900 calories. Isn’t that great? 

But don’t just stop at 3-4 miles or a 30-minute walk. Increase your walking distance and time, e.g., walk for more than 30 minutes. With this, the results you were going to achieve after a month will achieve them earlier. Also, if you prepare your walking pattern and set your goals, such as burning 400 calories a day, you will train better.

How Many Miles Can You Walk in A Day?

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When you have been walking for quite some time, you start taking longer strides. An average walking person has a 2.5 feet long stride. When you travel a mile, it means that you will be taking 2112 steps, considering the same stride length. If you are committed to walking, you would be able to walk more than a mile. 

Note clearly that each stride you take, you burn about 100 calories. Hence, if you walk 3 miles in a day, you will be burning 300 calories. In a week, you’ll get rid of 2100 calories. That is a hell of a lot of calorie count.


Getting Started with Walking

Walking is naturally a gentle exercise where you do not require any gear. But, at the same time, safe walking is essential for you to be immune to injuries and pains. If you suffer from any medical condition, you should consult your GP. 

Make sure to get the correct type of shoes with an arched heel cushioned base and are breathable. Before and after walking, keep this thing in mind that you need to warm up, cool down, and stretch slightly. These are three essential steps to healthy and carefree walking.

Types of Walking

Walking is not categorized into different types by the book. Types of walking come into force because of the varying intensity/pace of walking. If you want to know how many miles you can walk in a day, you first need to understand what walking category you fall in. Or if you can increase your walking intensity. 

Stroll Walking: Stroll walking is just like you scrolling on Instagram. It implies that you are walking slowly as if you’re doing window-shopping. 

Brisk Walk: Brisk walking is walking at a speed of about 3.5 to 4 mph. It is slightly higher than stroll/normal walking and helps reduce your fat quickly. In this type, your heart rate is somewhat higher than in normal walking.

Power Walk: Power walking is walking at a speed of about 4 to 5 mph. Here your intensity is at the peak level, and you are walking too fast. 

What Diet to Consume?

If you decide you walk 3-4 miles per day or more, you must take care of your diet. You wouldn’t want to feel embarrassed fainting while you’re out for a walk. It doesn’t matter whether you’re walking for weight loss or fitness; consuming the required diet before a walk is essential. Don’t consume too many calories. Include vegetables, proteins, nuts and seeds, etc., in your diet to have a healthy walking session.

Challenge Yourself!

By challenging yourself, I am implying that you compete with yourself. Create your walking records, beat your record, and make new records. This activity could be fun, and you will be motivated to achieve higher targets. 

Once you’ve outdone yourself enough times, you can participate in walking programs. When you challenge yourself, you can better find out where you lag and where you need to improve.

Walking is the most effortless and healthiest way of losing weight or staying fit. Develop a habit by walking 1 mile per day, and then you will be able to achieve the target of 3-4 miles in just a few months. Say goodbye to stress and hello to walking!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long should I walk, and how often?

You need to develop walking as a part of your routine. For an average person, a 30-minute of walking is enough for a day. But don’t just go for a walk once. Walking is something you need to do daily, and for full 30 minutes. 

What exercise can I perform before walking?

There are umpteen stretching exercises, but a few activities to be performed before walking are specific. One is, stand straight, hold your leg with the left hand backwards. Hold your leg from the foot or ankle, pulling it towards your butt. See that your knee is pointing towards the floor. Hold this position for at least 30 seconds, and then do the same with the other leg. 


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