Burning 400 Calories A Day

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Irrespective of your health goals, each person aims to lose as many calories as they can. If a person is walking for fitness, he seeks to become stronger and gain energetic vibes. If your goal is to lose weight, then exercising should be your priority. 

But before exercising, you must know how many calories you can burn in a day. A simple rule here says that you must burn more calories than you take in. Burning 400 calories a day can be strenuous and tiring. But you should be motivated enough to not leave your exercise before achieving your target.

Burning 400 Calories A Day

For a beginner, burning 400 calories could be an arduous task. A trained person won’t feel much of a different shifting from burning 200 calories to 400 calories a day. Calorie burning goes hand in glove with your diet and the intensity of your exercise. If you take in more calories than you burn, you won’t be losing any weight.

Beginners must start by achieving piece by piece. Reducing calorie intake should be their first step, along with burning 300-400 calories a day. If you don’t reach that target in one day, you should reduce your calorie intake more. 

For example, if you could burn only 200 calories, you should lower your consumption by 200 calories. 

Burning 400 calories a day requires strength training as well. Focusing just on calorie burning isn’t a good form of exercise to adopt. Muscle training is essential for increased running efficiency, improved endurance, and reduced fatigue. 

If you recklessly train for calorie burning, you will end up resting in bed for the rest of the day. For a quick recovery, strength training is necessary. Ingesting protein and doing weight lifting exercises will result in faster weight loss, i.e., you burn more calories a day.

How Many Calories Should I Burn?

As said earlier, you must burn more calories than you consume in a single day. If you desperately want to lose weight, this should be your life mantra. Only by creating this deficit can you ensure losing weight. You must aim at losing one to two pounds a week. 

This implies that you must burn at least 3500 calories (as 1-pound equals 3500 calories). Not only should you exercise, but also reduce your calorie intake by consuming a proper diet. 

When you reduce the calorie intake in your diet, you would have to make less effort in burning calories. You should aim at burning 400-500 calories a day to lose weight for the simplest solution. 

Burning 400 Calories A Day

Calorie Deficit

Creating a calorie deficit means that you need to burn more calories than you consume. Therefore, dieting is essential if you plan to exercise to reduce weight. Be careful; reducing the calorie intake doesn’t mean that you must stop eating. Your body needs food, just as your bike needs fuel. 

Cutting down on your consumption of food can lead you to starvation. Eat a well-balanced diet and eliminate eating junk food. If you perform the correct exercises and eat a nutritionally dense diet, you can surely lose 1-2 pounds in a week. 

Benefits of Calorie Deficit

A low-calorie diet is an effective way to reduce weight. By low-calorie, I do not mean that you end up starving yourself. Proper nutrition is required by a body to gain the energy to perform exercises. Researchers found out that burning 500 calories a day is tedious. 

Therefore, reducing your calorie intake is equally important. You will lose negligible weight when you burn 400 calories a day and consume 400 calories more. A restrictive diet helps you reduce a lot of weight. It is always better to consult a dietician for your diet, or you’ll end up starving. 

Factors Affecting Calorie Burning Count

Everything depends on one factor or the other. You can’t assume losing weight by doing exercise for just 10 minutes. The choice of activity matters the most as the more strenuous the exercise, the more calories you burn. 

For example, if you choose to run on a treadmill, you need to run for 5 miles to burn at least 500 calories. Also, the intensity with which you do the exercise affects your calorie burn count. 

For example, if you are walking on a treadmill for five miles, you won’t burn enough calories. The time you spend exercising is another factor affecting your calorie-burning count. Your weight and current metabolism also affect your calorie burn count.

Exercises to Burn Calories

Apart from running, there are thousands of exercises that you can practice losing weight. Bodyweight squats are an excellent muscle training exercise. But make sure that you do it in the proper posture, or else you’ll end up hurting yourself. 

Push-ups do an excellent job for your chest and shoulder muscles. Rock climbing is another very effective exercise for cardiovascular fitness. In this exercise, your every muscle is into action; hence, it impacts your whole body, resulting in weight reduction. 

Planks are pretty effective when it comes to gaining strength. This exercise tones your abs and is very important to perform if you want to reduce belly fat. 

Burning 400 calories a day, no doubt requires significant effort. But, if you adopt this calorie deficit technique with the advice of a dietician, you can burn calories miraculously. When you’ve been achieving this result for a few months, try targeting 500 calories a day. Eat less, Burn more!

Burning 400 Calories A Day

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much weight can I lose by burning 400 calories?

Burning 400 calories a day is enough to lose weight. If you are performing the correct type of exercises, you will lose about 1-2 pounds a week. This means that you will lose 4-5 pounds in a month if you burn 400 calories a day.

Can I target 500 calories a day straightaway?

If you are a beginner, you should not directly go for a higher number. Start with small, then reach for the more significant numbers. Adopting the calorie deficit approach, you can begin by burning 400 calories a day.


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