York Active 110 Treadmill Review (13 km/h top speed)

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If you search online for the best treadmills to buy, one of the results will certainly be the York Active 110 Treadmill.

Indeed, this treadmill is becoming increasingly popular these days because of its excellent quality and maximum durability.

York Active 110 Treadmill Review

York is known for selling a wide variety of fitness equipment in the market and their treadmills truly stand out. Aside from being sturdy, they are highly reliable and easy to use as well. York Active 110 Treadmill is perfect for anyone, whether you are looking for a rigorous kind of workout or simply to keep yourself healthy and fit.

Active 110

There are various types of treadmills that York has manufactured but among the most popular of all is the York Active 110 Treadmill. In fact, this model is also among the cheapest of all the York treadmills models that the company has released in the market. Though it may not have as many advanced features like the York inspiration treadmill, still, it is a great piece of equipment that can help you with your regular exercises at home.

Even if it comes with a cheap price, you can expect excellent construction and durability for this type of machine. It also has a stylish and compact design so you can pretty much store it in any area in your house.

Comes with Everything

Another great thing about the York fitness treadmill, aside from those that were already mentioned above, is its portability. The machine can be easily folded. It comes with a handlebar heart rate monitor and control, as well as an LCD screen. It also has various program settings so you can keep track of the calories you have burned, the distance you have ran, as well as the time you have spent exercising.

York 110 Treadmill LCD

Basically, the York fitness machine comes with everything that you would expect in a treadmill machine. It is the best investment for those who want to adhere to a regular exercise but do not have the time to visit the local gym.

Smooth Incline and Decline

Just like with most of the treadmills from York, the York Active 110 Treadmill comes with great features to help you to better enjoy your workout. First of all, it has a hydraulic assisted lift and drop to achieve smoother incline and decline. In addition, the running area of the treadmill comprises of a six piece elastic cushioned deck for a more comfortable and enjoyable workout.

The York running machine also has built in wheels so you can easily move it from one place to another. The best thing of all is that it has storage compartments which you can use to store some other accessories.


When it comes to investing on fitness equipment and machines, such as the treadmill, make sure that you choose something that you can greatly rely on. As you know, these machines come with a price so you have to make sure that you are buying something that will not rob you of your hard earned money.

The York Active 110 Treadmill is definitely one of the best choices.

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