JLL D100 Treadmill Review

JLL D100 Treadmill Review

The JLL D100 treadmill is an affordable, easy to use machine that will give you a great workout without ever having to leave your home. With a speed range starting at just 0.3km/h, this machine offers the lowest speed in the UK market. It’s ideal for walking, jogging or running, and designed for users of all fitness levels. We’ll take a closer look at this machine’s features and performance in our JLL D100 Treadmill review.

JLL D100 treadmill with digital motor technology, Two men delivery included, 4.5HP motor and 16 km/h max. speed with 5 years guarantee, 2014 New Generation Digital Motorised Treadmill, with CE certification, 1 level Manual incline, Built-in speakers, USB port and MP3 Player, 10 professional running programs, folding and wheels, Digital motor technology with unique 0.3 km/h (0.18 mph) smooth start speed, Lifetime frame guarantee and 2-year comprehensive on-site warranty.


  • Speed: 0.3-16km/h; 4.5HP motor
  • Max Weight: 120kg
  • Running Area: 115cm x 40cm
  • Incline: Single level manual incline
  • Accessories: iPod/MP3/iPhone connectivity; USB-powered built-in music player
  • Warranty: 5-year motor warranty; 2-year parts and labour warranty; lifetime frame warranty
  • Workout Programs: 10 preset programmes
  • LCD Display: Displays calories burned, time, speed, heart rate and distance
  • Easy to Assemble: In just 15 minutes or less, you can have your treadmill up and ready for use.

Features and Performance

The JLL D100 is packed with features designed to make your workout more efficient and challenging, including:

Speed, Power and Incline

The JLL D100 allows you to run at speeds between 0.3 and 16km/h. This is a treadmill with a one-level incline and a 2.5HP motor. It can take up to 120kg, or 18.8 St.

Preset Running Programmes

The 10 preset running programmes allow you to choose a workout that best suits your own fitness level. Walk, jog or run using the programmes, or choose your speed manually and run at your own pace. You also have the option of resetting your own personal programmes for programs one to three. Each one has 10 different sections, which change every 200 metres. Through the program settings, you can adjust the speed of each section.

A Digital Treadmill

The JLL D100 is digitally controlled, which keeps noise to a minimum. The digital controller also allows the machine to adjust speed smoothly and quietly. The slow stop feature further adds to the safety of this machine by adding stability. Because the machine does not stop or start up abruptly, you enjoy a smooth, realistic running experience.

The digital, 5”LCD displays a wide range of stats, including calories burned, distance, time, speed and heart rate. You can enter your weight into the machine as well to ensure that you receive an accurate calculation of the calories burned. The total memory function also allows you to see how many kilometres you’ve done since first using the treadmill. The brightness of the LCD is adjustable too, so you clearly see your stats no matter how bright or dim the lighting is.


The JLL D100 comes with iPod/iPhone and MP3 connectivity, so you can quickly and easily plug your device into the treadmill and listen to your favorite music. There’s no need to use headphones either. The treadmill comes with high powered speakers and a built-in music player with a USB interface.

Easy Controls

The speed controls as well as the heart rate sensor are built right into the hand rails of the treadmill. This allows you to safely and comfortably adjust the speed as you’re running and calculate your heart rate.

D100 Treadmill LCD

Comfortable and Portable

The treadmill’s shock absorption system reduces the stress on your joints as you run. The machine also folds up for easy storage while the built-in wheels allow you to move the treadmill to your desired location.


  • Up to 16km/h speed
  • 2.5HP motor
  • Shock absorption system reduces stress on the joints
  • Rail controls allow you to safely adjust the speed of the treadmill
  • LCD monitor displays workout stats
  • Built-in music player
  • 10 preset programmes
  • Affordable


  • The treadmill itself is heavy


Overall, the JLL D100 is a great treadmill that’s both affordable and durable. With 10 preset programmes and a built-in music player, this is a machine that will give you the customized workout you’re looking for. Plus, the assembly is so easy that you will have your treadmill up and ready for use in less than 15 minutes.

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