Do I Need A Treadmill Mat?

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Running on a treadmill is the most convenient way of losing weight or staying fit. Sweating off calories every day makes you feel light and enlightens your mood. If you have your treadmill, it requires extra care and maintenance. Some people are apprehensive about how to take care of their treadmill. 

Whether to get a warranty or some upgrades and accessories? Well, the answer is simple. If you desire a long life of your machine, you must spend a few bucks before rather than spending a higher amount later. Owning a treadmill, I wonder, do I need a treadmill mat? Let’s find out.

Do I Need A Treadmill Mat?

Being a fitness freak for years, I know what all I need to prolong my treadmill life. When someone asks me, ‘Do I need a treadmill mat?’ My answer is, ‘Hell, yeah’. 

Usually, newbies are not aware what all to do to protect their machine. The treadmill mat gives both your treadmill and extra floor protection. If you’re planning to buy a treadmill for yourself, make sure to add a treadmill mat also in your cart. Treadmill shoes, belt lubricant, and treadmill mats are the essential accessories that should be present in your treadmill checklist.

When you’re buying a high-end treadmill, you are more than worried about its durability. You must’ve noticed that most gyms have placed mats underneath their treadmills. The reason is, treadmill mats provide stability to your training sessions. 

Well, if you want to try once, you can try out a vigorous session on your treadmill without a mat beneath. You will notice instability while running. When you’re in motion, running incessantly on your treadmill without a mat, you might feel a lot of vibrations filling the surroundings. 

Also, treadmill mats free your surroundings from noise and vibrations. Another important reason you need a treadmill mat is to protect the floor from scratches, cracks, and dents. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to see your floor getting ripped away. 

Accessories to Buy with A Treadmill

You might think that a treadmill at home is enough. But there are a few accessories you require, along with a treadmill. Have you heard of ankle weights? Ankle weights are worn in the ankles to improve our overall running session. Your treadmill undergoes wear and tear over time. 

Hence, you must purchase a treadmill belt lubricant to enhance the functioning of your machine. To prevent friction in your treadmill, you must use treadmill lubricant every three months. Check our our guide Where to Buy Treadmill Lubricant for tips on where to find quality products. Another thing that you require is a treadmill mat. As explained above, treadmill mats absorb the vibrations and protect the floor from scratches. 

Why Do You Need A Treadmill Mat?

If you are wondering, do I need a treadmill mat, then don’t. You won’t believe what excellent protection the treadmill mats can provide. If you’re placing your treadmill on carpeted floor, a mat is required so that the carpet’s fibre and dust do not get into your treadmill. 

Anyway, a treadmill mat prevents dust from going inside the treadmill up to the motor. Well, the benefits of a treadmill mat do not end here. Read more to find various benefits of a treadmill mat.


The faster you run on a treadmill, the more intense will the vibrations be produced. An overweight person would also affect the intensity of vibrations that your treadmill will exhale. Therefore, a treadmill mat will nullify the effect of vibrations, giving you a more stable and noise-free running session. 

A high-quality treadmill mat gives you an enjoyable session. As said earlier, treadmill mats cut down noise during running. If you look at most health clubs or gyms, you will indeed find mats underneath the treadmill to ensure a peaceful environment. 


Don’t you feel that you should fix your machine in a position? Or should there be stability in your treadmill? Of course, yes. While you are running vigorously on your treadmill, you may face instability. 

Also, if you place your treadmill on a smooth surface, there are risks of your treadmill getting displaced. Treadmill mats facilitate friction between your machine and the floor. You have a better chance at obtaining the stability of your treadmill.

Floor Protection

When you have placed the treadmill on the bare floor, you will see scratches on the floor in some time. Even if you put it on a wooden floor, the combined weight of the runner and the machine may cause damage to the floor. 

You may not believe that I’d seen a dent on a solid floor due to a treadmill. You must be careful beforehand and buy a treadmill mat before facing these damages. To protect your floor from scratches, dents, and cracks, you should place the mats under your treadmill.

If I talk in a nutshell, a treadmill mat is not too expensive. You might’ve heard ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Here prevention would be better as the cure would cost you a lot. If you take care of your treadmill’s needs beforehand, you won’t have to face the catastrophic consequences. 

If your treadmill ruins your floor or the motor gets filled in with dust and carpet fibre, it will cost you a lot more to repair your treadmill or the floor. So better safe than sorry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to place mats underneath my treadmill on a concrete floor?

Whether you are running or walking on a treadmill, whether your treadmill is placed on a concrete floor or a wooden floor, a treadmill mat is essential. Without the mat, your treadmill is more vulnerable to dust. I have even seen dents even in the concrete floors. So better be safe.

Will a treadmill mat prevent slipperiness?

The answer to that is yes. Treadmill mats are usually made with rubber which nullifies slipperiness. Rubber mats generate enough friction between the floor and your mat, thus giving a stable position to your treadmill. Hence, treadmill mats are necessary to provide you with a regular workout session.


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