Confidence GTR Power Pro Review: 12km/h speed and 120kg max user weight

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Confidence GTR Power Pro Review


The Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorised Treadmill is designed as a mid-range treadmill that comes with lots of features that compete with top-range treadmills but has a much smaller price tag.

It is one of the best selling treadmill on Amazon right now and is aimed at people looking to get fit from home.

Key Specifications

  • Speed range 1km/h to 12km/h – Build your fitness levels at lower speeds and progress at your own pace.
  • 12 preset running programmes
  • Clear LED display showing speed, distance, time, calories and heart rate
  • 3 level adjustable incline – for making the most of each workout
  • Folds away for easy storage
  • Emergency stop safety feature – stops if you fall
  • Designed for users up to 120 kg (19 stone 226lbs)


The GTR Power Pro is straightforward to assemble and can usually be put together in 10-15 minutes. Just be sure to follow the instruction manual carefully. It comes in several larger pieces including the motor, running deck and frame. These just need fitting together and bolting tight.

Size and Dimensions

Confidence GTR Power Pro - side view

Once assembled the Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorised Treadmill is a reasonable size, with the dimensions : 132cm Length x 64cm width x 132cm height, so will fit easily in most living rooms/bedrooms etc. When not being used it folds away to a reasonably compact size that is also a convenient shape for storage.

The Confidence GTR Power Pro has a running deck size of 110cm L x 40cm W so is suitable for taller users up to about 6ft 7″ to be able to get full stride length when running. It also has a weight capacity of up to 19 stone (120kg / 266 lbs).

The treadmill weighs approximately 28 kg so this means it can be moved by most people which is good news for users who live up several flights of stairs.

Speed Options

When you turn on the Confidence GTR Power Pro it will give a 3 second countdown and then it will start moving at 1km/h.

This point the speed can be increased via the manual increase button or by selecting your preferred workout programme.

The max speed is 12 km/h which is a fast running speed for most people.

LED Display / User Interface

The LED display on the GTR Power Pro is clear and easy to understand, the user interface is also intuitive and changing speed can be done via buttons on the main screen or from the hand rails.

Incline Options

The treadmill comes with 3 levels of incline that are adjusted manually, just stop the treadmill get off and unscrew the incline pin and re-screw into the desired position.

If you’re wondering how much an electronic incline treadmill costs, they are about double the price of the GTR Power Pro so the manual incline feature is good trade off considering the price. 

Workout Programmes

The GTR Power Pro comes with 12 pre-set programmes that are designed for varying abilities, from advanced to novice users. Each workout programme is set to run for 30 minutes but this can be altered to anything between 5 and 60 minutes. It also gives the option for the user to set a required distance to run and can stop when that distance has been reached.

Safety Options

The Gtr Power Pro has a safety feature that is present on many modern treadmills, the emergency stop clip. Just attach the clip to your clothing and if you should fall whilst using the treadmill then the clip will pull the stop plug from the machine, causing it to stop immediately and turn off.

This is a must-have feature for all users regardless of ability, as anyone can have an accident. One accident that I experienced when I started using treadmills was increasing the speed too much by accident and not being able to reach the button again to slow down, thankfully the emergency stop always solves this.


We can see why this treadmill is a regular best-seller on Amazon at the moment. It’s good value for money and has superior features in comparison to other mid-range treadmills.

If you are looking to get fit and don’t want to get a gym membership then this is a good alternative. Use it for 6 months and it would have paid for itself.

We hope you have found our Confidence GTR Power Pro review useful.

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