Reebok ZR10 Treadmill Review

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Updated March-2022: Unfortunately this product isn’t currently in stock but we’ll update you on future availability after we hear from our contact at Reebok! In the meantime, why not check out this great alternative Reebok Jet 100

You’ve decided that you want to invest in a treadmill for your home but the choice on the market is so huge you don’t know where to begin with your research.

Look no further as fitness brand Reebok has got you covered with their ZR10 model. The Reebok ZR10 treadmill is one of the most efficient and durable treadmills on the market right now.

Easy to set up and use, the Reebok brand aims to become the best fitness brand in the world by using advanced and pioneering technology that pushes boundaries in a bid to enhance one’s fitness journey to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Having a treadmill at home is hugely beneficial for various reasons. The main reason being is if you are hesitant about going to the gym or if you are too busy to go to the gym.

Having a gym at home is great because you don’t have to go out of your way to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle. Also, for those who work from home and find themselves in need of a quick walk without going outside then it is perfect for both short and longer workouts. 

Lastly, it’s perfect if weather conditions are poor and you want to stay in and avoid the bad weather. With a home gym, you’ll never have the excuse of not being able to go to the gym ever again. Hugely convenient and durable, the Reebok ZR10 is the perfect treadmill for people of all levels of fitness.So what puts the Reebok ZR10 above the rest? In this review, we’ll be taking you through the various features that the treadmill has to offer, its durability, easiness to assemble and use as well as some other notes to look out for. By the end of this article, you will be able to determine whether this treadmill is the right one for you.

Reebok ZR10 HRC Treadmill - Black
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Reebok ZR10 Treadmill


The LCD screen gives you all the information you need to track your progress such as speed, calories lost, distance completed and heart pulse amongst much more. You can control the speed you go as well as tailor a workout to suit your needs, especially if you are wanting to increase the speed gradually throughout your workout.

There are a variety of different workouts you can choose from that vary depending on what kind of workout you want if you don’t want to create your own. These include ones for beginners all the way to athletes incorporating inclines and declines if desired.

With a 2.0Hp motor that allows you to run to speeds up to 18km/h, the ZR10 model is perfect for those who are starting their fitness journey and want to progress to a high level of fitness or those who are keen exercise enthusiasts and want to incorporate exercise into their home. The engine is also extremely quiet which is ideal for those who have a busy household and don’t wish to disturb, even when running. There is also a fan to keep you cool while you are exercising to avoid any overheating.

With inclines of 0-15%, the ZR10 is also an ideal choice for those who want to vary their workout or those who are training for marathons and want to train with a variety of inclines to imitate any hills on route. When entering your workout, you can also incorporate inclines into it so if you are training for a particular race, you can enter the speed and inclines needed to complete it within your target time.

The ZR10 is also equipped with MP3 speaker connectivity meaning that you can listen to music while exercising without the hassle of worrying about headphones getting tangled and in the way. It also means that you can concentrate more on exercising rather than fiddling about with any devices, especially if you’re doing a longer workout.

The heart rate monitor can be found by keeping your hands on the handlebars while exercising. This is a handy feature, especially if you are using the treadmill for health reasons. You can see if you are overdoing the exercise and need to slow your speed or on the contrary, if you are able to higher the speed a little to get your heart rate pumping.

Heart rate monitors are usually found in more technologically advanced machines that cost double the price of the ZR10. Reebok’s aim to ensure that people are receiving quality features for a great price point only adds to their aims as a company.

Bear in mind that heart monitors cannot be connected to the treadmill but using the inbuilt heart rate monitor gives you your pulse rate in real time so you can keep an eye on it closely.


As the treadmill is made by Reebok, it can already be trusted to provide reliability and durability. Made with advanced technology, the ZR10 was released in 2012 and still holds its own in the modern market. Designed with the home in mind, Reebok ensures that the environment is taken into account in its design without compromising the quality materials that the treadmill is made from.

With its combination of modern technology as well as a wide variety of traditional options in terms of the speed, the ZR10 is perfect for those who want a modern machine with all the technological quirks and those who want a reliable machine that does the job who may not like the technology aspect. The materials used are of the highest quality and even after longer workouts, the belt shows no sign of wear or shifting to the sides.

With a maximum weight of 120kg, the ZR10 is great for those who are wanting to maintain their weight and also those who are looking to lose weight. The heavyweight of the machine means that it is a sturdy machine and its slightly raised design means that there is no chance of any machine shifting leading to marks on the floor.

This machine is designed to last for years rather than months and although there are many cheaper machines, in the long run, it works out cheaper to purchase the Reebok ZR10 as you will get more money per workout as you won’t have to keep buying a new machine. The ZR10 is truly an investment treadmill that adds quality to home exercising and gives you all the features you will need to lead a healthy lifestyle without having to splash out on a monthly gym membership.

Easiness to Assemble and Use

When purchased from Amazon, the ZR10 is delivered promptly and it is very easy to assemble and even easier to use. Equipped with an instruction manual so you won’t be sat there wondering what fits where, the ZR10 simply needs plugging in and off you go.

As mentioned before, the LCD screen provides all of the information to allow you to track your fitness progress. What is so easy about the ZR10 that is so clear what the various features are on the screen. There is also the safety cord should you be struggling with any part of your workout which will put the treadmill to a stop.

Despite its large appearance, you can also fold the treadmill and store it away. It also has shock absorption meaning that it is designed to slowly lower itself after it has been folded to avoid making any marks or dents in the floor, reducing the risk of damage to your home. Reebok has thought of everything when designing this treadmill. It is also really easy to store so if you are strapped for space, you needn’t worry about the treadmill as it can be tidied away with ease.

When it comes to using the treadmill, the versatility of use is a highlight completely depending on what you want to get out of it. As stated before, whether you are losing weight or experiencing health problems, it is an easy treadmill to get to grips with and the variety of choice gives you that power to determine what kind of workout you want to have. If you determine a successful workout by the distance, time or speed, there are workouts available for any kind of exercise.


With an average of 3.4 stars over 14 reviews on Amazon, the Reebok ZR10 hasn’t had a lot of reviews but the positive buyers comment on the machine’s durability and its easiness to assemble. Some of the negative reviews relate to issues with delivery which arguably isn’t to do with the product itself. What makes the ZR10 such a standout in the market is how varied it is in terms of its target audience. People of all ages use the machine for a wide variety of reasons and the ZR10 can be tailored to suit all of their individual needs. Whether you are purchasing a treadmill to maintain your weight, health problems or losing weight, the ZR10 is a perfect choice as you can alter the workouts until you come up with one that suits your lifestyle and needs.

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