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March 2023 Update: I like to keep my product recommendations fresh. I’ve noticed that since posting this review there are inventory issues e.g. “Currently Unavailable”.

The same version of treadmill is now being offered by Fit4Home (F4H) so we have changed our product links to the available version. If you want a quick breakdown of the best treadmills by features & price range – compare treadmills

Olympic Treadmill Review

On first impression this model seems very similar to the Confidence Power Plus treadmill that has proven to be a bestseller over the past few years.

The only differences I can see are the running deck and the computer display are different.

Putting It Together

The whole process is pretty straightforward but it is always useful to have a second pair of hands to help on the bits where you need to screw bolts whilst holding the top of the frame as it can be awkward to do 3 things at once. The instruction manual is basic but is readable so make sure to read through all of it before you start to avoid any issues.

Running Surface

As mentioned earlier the size of the running deck seems to be smaller than most people anticipate, but for the majority of people this is the first home treadmill that they have seen in person and only have the ones at the gym to compare it to. So it will take some getting used to but unless you are much taller than 6ft you should still be able to walk or jog with your normal stride length.

Computer Display

The console on this model is very basic, tracking speed, distance, time and calories burned. If you like to see all kinds of workout metrics and gadgets when you exercise then you may want a treadmill that has a much more comprehensive computer on it.

But for the people who want the basic information to help them improve then this is a good treadmill to start with.

Olympic Treadmill LCD


The frame is simple, nothing fancy which is good for being able to move it around easily but if you are at the upper end of the user weight limit it can seem a bit undersized. It folds up to a good size for storing so you won’t be tripping over it when not in use or letting it become an unintended piece of furniture.


This is one of the cheapest motorised treadmills around and doesn’t pretend to be anything fancy, just a good basic treadmill ideal for new users. Comes with a useful computer console for tracking basic metrics. Also folds away and can be moved easily.


Running surface is pretty small so if you are much bigger than 6ft tall then this treadmill will feel a bit cramped. Also there is no way to adjust the incline on this model, it sits at a small incline as standard.

Conclusion – Is it Worth it?

I would say that it’s going to be difficult to beat this treadmill on price as you can normally pick one up for under £150. If you are looking to get your first treadmill then this is one of your best choices. So overall I would say that it is worth the money for a budget treadmill. Just make sure that you don’t expect it to be like the ones that you use at the gym because you will be disappointed, those ones can cost thousands.

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