Gym Master 1100W Treadmill Review

Gym Master 1100W Treadmill Review

Update Feb 2017: Updated Feb-2017: This review has been updated with changes in the 2017 version of the Gym Master 2017 model.

With any kind of fitness equipment, it is important that you do a bit of research before you invest on any brand and model of electric treadmill. There are absolutely so many options available for you now and therefore you need to spend some time in getting yourself acquainted with the features that this machine is equipped with and read a few reviews like this one.

The Gym Master 2017 1100W Motorized Treadmill is Gym Master’s latest model of fitness equipment that boasts of its easy to use, lightweight and compact design for that perfect home gym.

This electric folding treadmill is extremely easy to use and doesn’t come with all the complications a lot of other electric treadmills have. It has an easy-to-read LCD display with clear numbers, and you can change the time and distance at any time you wish.

Key Features of the Gym Master 2017 Treadmill

  • Decent 1100 W (1.5HP) Motor
  • LCD display for time, speed, distance, calories
  • Easy to use with 12 automatic fitness programs and 1 manual setting for an easy workout program
  • Handlebar speed and time controls
  • Super compact folding treadmill for easy storage with quick and easy folding mechanism and transport wheels
  • Lifetime warranty on the motor and 12-month warranty on frame and parts
  • Free gym Swiss ball included

Programs and Speed

The Gym Master 2017 1100W comes equipped with a powerful 1100 W, 1.5 HP motor and has speed settings that range from 0.8 km/h to 12 km/h. The basic but convenient computer display shows the time, speed, distance, and calories burnt to help you better track your progress.

This Gym Master treadmill has twelve automatic fitness programs and one manual setting. 

Gym Master 2017 1100W Treadmill LCD

Noise Level

The Gym Master Fitness Treadmill 2017 has rubber technology so that the noise it produces is somewhat dampened. However at this price point no shock absorption system is included. So if ultra quiet operation is important to you you may to go for a more mid-range model.

Incline Levels

The Gym Master 2017 model comes is a manually adjustable incline that goes up to 7%. You can not adjust the incline while you are running.

Incline levels are helpful if you are looking to participate in a high-intensity interval training workout and you wish to burn more calories faster instead of walking or running on a level path. Incline running is also easier on the joints if you're overweight.

Size and Weight

Gym Master 2017 1100W Treadmill Dimensions
  • Assembled dimensions (HxLxW): 130 x 149 x 64 cm
  • Folded dimensions: (HxLxW): 137 x 64 x 60 cm
  • Product weight: 26 kg
  • Running track dimensions: 100 x 40 cm

Although this model of Gymmaster Treadmill is more lightweight and compact, it is still sturdy and stylish. The lighter weight makes it easier to maneuver and store when needed without worrying about having to find extra hands to help. If you are a tall or heavy runner you might experience some more fram vibrations than with a more expensive model.

Assembly and Delivery

The Gym Master 2017 1100w treadmill comes in a large box and does require some assembly before use. The instructions are a little confusing but due to its lightweight design it's relatively easy to put together.

Those who have very limited space in their house can also benefit from this machine since it can be easily stored right after using. This Gym master treadmill has an easy to use snap lock feature and you can leave it to rest in an upright position.

You can also roll it anywhere since it comes with sturdy wheels. Despite of its lightweight design, the machine is sturdy and stylish.

It is dispatched and sold by MK-Trading.

Max User Weight

The maximum weight that is suitable for a treadmill will vary from model to model. A lower-end and lower-quality treadmill will more than likely specify a lower maximum weight limit, while a higher end and better quality machine will specify a higher weight limit.

The Gym Master 2017 Treadmill has a manufacturer recommended weight limit of 100 kg. To ensure the longevity and life of your machine, you will want to follow this recommendation and be sure to perform all maintenance on the machine as needed.


Firstly the reservations about this gym quality treadmill are not show stoppers and depend somewhat on your size and how you want to use the treadmill.

  • The incline is manual which might be an issue if you really want a faster transition from flat to hills during their workout. 
  • Also if you are a taller/ heavier runner near the 100 kg weight limit you may want to spend a few more dollars to get a gym running machine that with a slightly bigger runner running deck

However all-in-all, the Gym Master 2017 is a reasonable entry-level treadmill at an affordable price. It will make a solid edition to any home gym to help create that total gym. It is easily assembled and easily maneuverable.

So go check it out now!

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