F4H ES-T8012 Treadmill Review

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F4H ES-T8012 Treadmill Review

Fit4Home provides one of the most affordable, functional treadmills on the market. The ES-T8012 is considered an Olympic Strider and is the ideal choice for anyone that wants to get fit without heading to the gym every day.

Perfect for small and large homes alike, this treadmill folds up and fits perfectly in the corner. You will never have to worry about your treadmill taking up your whole living room again. But here’s the best part: this treadmill is fully motorized.

Olympic Strider Unisex’s T189B Motorized Folding Treadmill, Black/Red, Large

Olympic Strider Unisex's T189B Motorized Folding Treadmill, Black/Red, Large


Let’s take a look at some of the main F4H ES-T8012 features before diving into the performance seen during our review.

F4H ES-T8012 Treadmill at a Glance

  • Digital computer monitor
  • Emergency stop key
  • 12 pre-set programs
  • Speeds from 0.8 – 12.8 KM/H
  • Total weight of 45 kg

Features and Performance

Upon receiving the treadmill, I quickly unpacked the box and ensured all the parts were present. You will want to grab the red emergency stop key and ensure that it is placed in the machine. This is right under the monitor system.

Moving the treadmill in place proved to be much easier than I thought. Because the machine is foldable, you can simply lift up the track, and it folds perfectly with a slight tilt. Now, you can easily tilt the machine back and utilize the wheels to push the treadmill into your desired spot. With a total weight of just 45 kg, you could move the treadmill without the wheels, but you would need another person to help.

When you are ready to use the treadmill, pull down the track and attach the emergency stop to your shirt or belt. This is a safety feature that cannot be ignored. This will help greatly as you get accustomed to using the machine and determining your acceptable speed.

Using the digital monitor, you will be able to keep track of the following:

  • Current speed
  • Distance traveled
  • Calories burned
  • Scan and pulse monitor

You will also be able to select a variety of different pre-set programmes to challenge yourself. The speed settings are seen on the handles for easy control. Speeds are between very slow at just 0.8 KM/H and rather difficult at 12.8 KM/H.

If you want to make your exercise even harder, you can manually adjust the incline on the track, but this must be done with the machine off.

The track provides great support and traction. You will notice that the metal tubular frame is very sturdy and that the handles provide more than adequate support.

One of the best features of this treadmill is the on-board speakers. There is a USB input, so you can plug in your favorite music player and listen to music while you run. There are a variety of accepted file types, so you can use most MP3 players and mobile devices.


Affordability, easy storage and a lot of great monitoring features really makes this treadmill stand out. We really liked the following:

  • Great speed control
  • Wheels for easy transport
  • Great monitoring features
  • Sturdy design


There isn’t much not to like about this treadmill. In fact, it’s nearly perfect, except for one flaw: incline control. It’s really impractical to have to stop the treadmill mid-run to be able to adjust the incline, and then start running again. Sure, you can set the incline before you start, but it’s a bit inconvenient.

There’s truly no way to remedy this problem, but it’s a minor flaw and it means the price is cheaper. If you want, you can either set the incline first, or boost the speed for a more intense run.

For at-home use and commercial quality minus the price, the F4H ES-T8012 truly excels. A plethora of monitoring options, emergency key safety and an on-board speaker makes this an exceptional buy. Being able to fold up and rolled into the corner simply makes this treadmill a practical choice for the at-home user who wants to run, but not worry about the weather.

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