Confidence TXI Treadmill Review

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Confidence TXI Treadmill Review

The Confidence TXI treadmill offers electronic incline adjustment, multiple workout programs and built-in speakers for your MP3 player. Available at an affordable price, this treadmill offers some of the same features you would find on high-end machines. In this Confidence TXI treadmill review, we’ll take a look at the machine’s features and see how well it performs.

Confidence TXI Treadmill at a Glance


Confidence TXI Treadmill – Black

Confidence TXI Treadmill - Black


  • Multiple workout programs with incline adjustment
  • Minimum speed: 1km/h; maximum speed: 12km/h
  • Built-in speakers with inputs for MP3 players and heart rate monitors
  • Backlit LED display
  • Treadmill size: 165cm x 70cm x 135cm
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • 5hp motor

Features and Performance

The Confidence TXI treadmill may look like any other ordinary treadmill, but it comes with some nice additional features that will make your workouts more pleasurable. Before we get to the fun stuff, let’s talk about the treadmill’s performance.

The TXI offers a generous runway size of 120cm x 40cm and a 1.5hp motor. It features a standard minimum speed of 1km/h, but can go up to 12km/h. The nice thing about the TXI is that the speed controls are located on the arms of the treadmill. This makes it easy to switch the machine’s speed without having to take your hands off of the heart rate monitor. An emergency stop clip is included for added safety.

The incline feature allows you to make your workouts as easy or challenging as you want. With up to a 12% gradient, you can choose an incline that’s appropriate for your fitness level.

A built-in backlit LED display shows you important stats, such as distance, calories burned, speed, time and heart rate. If your goal is to lose weight, these stats can help you keep track of your progress and ensure that you’re burning enough calories each workout.

Confidence TXI Treadmill Folded

When using the TXI, you can choose to create your own workouts and adjust the incline as you see fit, or you can choose one of the many workout programs built-into the machine. Each program makes use of the incline function, so your workouts are challenging and varied. The built-in workout programs are great for interval training.

If you listen to music while you exercise, you will appreciate the treadmill’s built-in speakers and input to hook up your MP3 player.

One of the most convenient features of this treadmill is its hydraulic assisted folding design. The machine easily folds up for easy storage. If you have a smaller home, this treadmill’s space-saving design allows you to fold away the machine when you’re not using it and store in a closet or the corner of the room.

TXI Pros:

  • Multiple workout programs to vary your workouts.
  • Electronic incline adjustment to make your workouts more challenging.
  • Easy access speed adjustments allow you to increase or decrease speed without letting go of the treadmill arms.
  • LED display helps you stay on track by displaying important stats.
  • Built-in speakers

TXI Cons:

  • Although foldable, the treadmill can be heavy to move.


The machine itself weighs 56kg, which may be too heavy for some users to move on their own. However, this is a standard weight for most good quality treadmills, especially ones that offer an incline feature. That being said, you may need an extra pair of hands to help you set the treadmill up.

Overall, the TXI is a great treadmill for anyone looking to lose weight or stay in shape. The adjustable incline feature allows you to make your workouts as challenging as you want, and the built-in workout programs are great for interval training. With built-in speakers and an input for your MP3 player, you never have to exercise with your headphones on again.

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